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Recipe: Toast

Gareth Skyes lives in Leeds city centre and has been working in kitchens around Leeds for over 12 years. Gareth joined the team at Toast as head chef in September when it opened. Gareth’s favourite food is Coq au Vin, and you may well bump into him eating out at Kendell’s Bistro.

Champagne Oysters
Serves 2
6 oysters
1 small shallot
70g unsalted butter
10g fresh tarragon
1 garlic clove
175ml pink Champagne
10ml whipping cream

Open the oysters using a butter knife and remove the oysters from their shells and put to one side. Discard all but two shells.

Peel and slice one small shallot, finely dice the garlic and add into a hot pan with the butter. Cook until the shallot and garlic is soft then add the pink Champagne and oysters

Cook for four minutes, then add Cream and the chopped tarragon

Cook for a further two minutes to reduce, then place the oysters back in their shells and pour over the remaining sauce and serve.

Posted on Wednesday 18th February 2009

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