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Recipe Radisson SAS Carl Walker

Baked Rhubarb Cheesecake

Recipe: Radisson SAS Carl Walker

As the Radisson SAS’s resident pastry chef, Carl Walker specialises in making fresh desserts, biscuits and breads for the Lounge restaurant beneath the city centre hotel. His job also involves creating the monthly dessert menu, with an emphasis on freshly prepared, local and seasonal produce. Carl is a real Loiner. He grew up in Leeds and learned his trade at Thomas Danby College. This cheesecake is part of his is ‘Celebration of Yorkshire Rhubarb’ platter, which also includes poached rhubarb, rhubard jelly, rhubarb milkshake, rhubarb leather and rhubarb mousse in a chocolate cylinder.
Radisson SAS, 1 The Light, The Headrow, LS1 8TL, 0113 236 6000

Baked Rhubarb Cheesecake

For the base
Biscuit crumbs
Butter to moisten

For the filling
230g Yorkshire cream cheese
1 egg
70g sugar
1 tbsp cornflour
ΒΌ of the seeds from a vanilla pod
90g double cream

For the flavouring
Cooked rhubarb to taste (approx 100g)

First melt the butter, before adding your broken biscuits - using just enough butter so the crumbs stick together. Press into the base of your mould

Next, it’s a simple matter of mixing all the other ingredients together until smooth, and then adding your flavouring - pretty much anything can be substituted at this stage. Pour on top of the biscuit base and cook in a low oven (approximately 120 degrees) for around 30 minutes until set, if it rises turn the oven down.

Posted on Wednesday 1st April 2009

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