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Real Estate: Max Johnson, Martin & Co

"The demand for city living is unceasing"

How long have you been with Martin & Co and what were you doing before that?
I worked for Martin & Co Harrogate before this. As I live in Leeds, I transferred within the company as I fancied that extra half an hour in bed! On a serious note, I really enjoyed working for Martin & Co and when the opportunity arose in Leeds city centre I jumped at the chance to work in the centre as it’s a much faster paced environment, which I enjoy.

Give us an insight into life in the Martin & Co office – what kind of team is it to work for?
Our team is very lively and vibrant… never a dull moment! I’m the youngest and the only male, so I have plenty of lovely ladies keeping me on my toes – which reminds me of living back at home! Our office is one of 176 nationwide, so that gives scope for growth and development. We’re in the process of launching student homes and investment property sales – there’s always a lot going on.

What does your job involve on a daily basis?
The majority of the day you will see me around town meeting new people, constantly viewing modern and stylish apartments. The demand for city living is unceasing. During my brief moments in the office I concentrate on keeping our landlords up to date, processing applications and following up client leads. We also have an excellent relationship with many international students at Leeds Uni and we take pride in helping them find suitable accommodation.

How would you spend your ideal day and night out in Leeds?
My ideal day would be going to Elland Road to watch Leeds destroy Man United. Then celebrate with my friends into the evening with the many cool bars Leeds has to offer, usually on Call Lane. And depending on what’s on… end up in a club. Strictly house music – usually Stinky’s!

What would be your dream property?
A penthouse on Park Row with a view of the whole city, and a helipad! Enough said!

Do you have any unusual hobbies?
Growing up I was very keen on motorbikes, much to my dad’s delight, and I was very sporty, playing county table tennis, club football and any other sport that involved a racket or bat! I gave it all up to be a full-time Leeds lad. So my hobbies are really just finding new bars and shops to blow all my money!

How would you like Leeds to look in five or 10 years time?
I’d like Leeds to look the same so I don’t get lost! But really, we need a Krispy Kreme, so if we get one in the next five to 10 years, Leeds will be a happier place in my eyes! Obviously Leeds is an extremely fast growing business city, so I’d like the city centre to grow along with its reputation.

Max is lettings negotiator at Martin & Co (Leeds City), 13 Bridge End, LS1 7HG, 0113 245 7174, www.martinco.com/lettings-agents/leeds_city, email leedscity@martinco.com

Posted on Wednesday 24th November 2010

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