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New Airport Car Park

After a planning appeal, an unused section of the Leeds Bradford Industrial Estate will be brought back into use as a 643-space, 24-hour car park.

On behalf of the Learmonth Property Investment Company, planning permission for the car park was secured by the Government and Infrastructure team at CB Richard Ellis. Planning permission was initially refused by Leeds City Council, prompting CB Richard Ellis to join with airport car park operator Sentinel. Their aim was to illustrate the benefits extra car parking space would have for the airport and the negative impact refusal would have on its future development.

After a three-week inquiry, the government planning inspector issued an approval of the proposal after it was apparently shown that the car park would also benefit employment, as staff would be needed to man the extra shuttle buses running to the airport.

Jay Everett, director of planning at CB Richard Ellis, believes the project will "enhance the offering at Leeds Bradford International Airport as well as creating and safeguarding jobs within the locality". The next stage in development will be to secure a potential operator for the car park itself.


Belvoir’s Top Tips

As the peak summer holiday season approaches, Belvoir Lettings of Meanwood Road here in Leeds are giving tenants and landlords some handy tips for stepping up their security and taking precautionary measures to prevent burglaries.

They have provided a list of top tips for landlords and tenants to follow. These include: ensuring home security is of the highest level; removing any opportunities for burglars; keeping all your valuables out of sight; telling a friend or reliable neighbour when you are going away; keeping all doors locked and, finally, marking your valuables with SmartWater or a UV pen to aid police checks on stolen items.

Dorian Gonsalves, managing director of Belvoir, says that although burglaries are not as frequent in the UK as they used to be, they still do take place and Belvoir’s aim is to "look after the welfare of both our landlord and tenant clients, and the properties they own or live in, and so urge them to take precautions and remain vigilant".

Local Belvior offices are also able to give specialist insurance advice to further protect your home, with further information available from the Meanwood   Road branch.

Leeds Arena Building Begins

Building work on the Leeds Arena construction project has begun and is set to accelerate in the coming months, ready for its grand opening in early 2013. BAM, the property development company in charge, is moving on to the site at Clay Pit Lane to begin work on bringing the highly anticipated project to life.

The arena itself will be of an innovative design. Labelled a ‘super-theatre’, all seats in the venue will face the performance area, producing a fan effect and ensuring that all spectators have a clear view of the main stage. The venue will also have adaptable features to ensure flexibility in the musical and sporting events it will host.

The next 16 weeks will see the skeleton of this ambitious project beginning to take shape. The foundations to hold the steel frame will be laid and the cores of the building’s lift shafts and staircases will be put into place.

Developers claim that Leeds Arena could boost the city’s economy by £25.5 million a year and improve regional tourism while creating up to 450 jobs.


Anna Pintus

Posted on Wednesday 15th June 2011
Anna Pintus

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Comment by Smith Francis

Posted on Wed 21st Mar 12 11:42 am

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Comment by John Francis

Posted on Tue 3rd Jul 12 9:44 am

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