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The Leeds band perform their first gig of 2012 ahead of the release of their debut album

Runners as Minor Threat: Photo by Bart Pettman http://www.flickr.com/photos/bartpettman

Bradford – so near and yet so far. The city to the west of us has so much to offer; whether that be the ice skating rink, the National Media Museum, the Theatre in the Mill or the 1in12 Club. Often maligned by inhabitants of its nearest neighbour, anyone who’s taken the time to walk around the city centre may first notice the empty shop premises, but look beyond that and you will also see a city carved from Yorkshire stone, with a striking architectural individuality.

As with its shopping facilities or its football team, Bradford’s music scene often seems a little overawed. Yet away from the spotlight, something exciting is starting to happen. Andy Abbott’s No Hands club night (also based at the Polish Club) has attracted bands like Hookworms, and the venue’s relaxed social club atmosphere and cheap drinks make for an excellent night out.

Leeds-based electro nerds Runners will play the Bradford Polish Club on Friday 27th January. The venue itself is a 10-minute walk from Bradford Interchange, it is situated a short hop from the Media Museum and trains run back to Leeds until after midnight. This will be Runners’ first show of the new year as they build towards the release of their debut album.

On their Twitter account (@_Runners), the band have promised a stage show “made with bat detectors & more cool shit!”. And their recent Minor Threat cover set at the Brudenell’s ‘Our Band Could Be Your Life’ fundraiser showed a different (and frankly much more disturbing) side to Runners.

Back in their more natural analogue keyboard mode, expect to hear further developments on their increasingly ambient sound. From hardcore punk through to the classic 90s R’n’B that Leon has selected (see embed below) for this month’s Marathon Mix, the band take influences from such a diverse set of source material that no one can accurately predict the direction they will turn to next.

Runners play Bradford’s Polish Centre on Friday 27th January

RUNNERS - MONTHLY MARATHON #14 by MonthlyMarathon

Posted on Friday 13th January 2012

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Comments on Preview: Runners

Comment by Runners Runners

Posted on Fri 13th Jan 12 6:04 pm

Sorry for the pedantry… I wasn’t referring to out set consisting of bat detectors on twitter… I was talking about the other people playing, one of whom is Hagman who uses bat detectors to actually MAKE music! Dom

Comment by A Abbott

Posted on Mon 16th Jan 12 11:42 am

Also, just for clarity, No Hands is a Bradford-based collective and club night, not just one person’s event. More here: http://www.facebook.com/events/185286351568770/

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