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Preview Hindle Wakes

Minicine celebrates Wakes Week with a British silent classic

Preview: Hindle Wakes

Hindle Wakes is an adaptation of a play by Stanley Houghton, one of the key figures in the ‘Manchester School’ of playwrights active at the dawn of the 20th century. At the time that it emerged it caused a certain amount of controversy due to it’s subversive critique of early 1900s society. The film centres around an industrial Lancashire town during it’s ‘Wakes Week’ celebration. When Mill worker Fanny and son of the Mill owner Alan meet in Blackpool things initially seem innocent enough. The two young people soon leave for Llandudno however, for a weekend of illicit love. Upon return, they have a number of issues to deal with…

Hindle Wakes will be part of ‘Minicine and Armley Mills Do Wakes Week’, playing on Saturday 25th August at 6pm. Wakes Week was held annually in mill towns, and was the week when the mills entirely shut down and the workers were granted a holiday, in which they would typically visit the great British seaside! Inside the museum will be some resources and activities about the mills themselves, while outside there will be a number of seaside attractions including punch and judy, sandpits, a miniature railway and a coconut shy. The daytime will be suitable for all ages, with a whole array of activities for children and adults alike. Then in the early evening the film itself will be screened in the museums historic Palace Picture House. There is a description about the film at the bottom of this document.

Tickets are now open to both members and to the public for this screening, and can be purchased online on our secure Big Cartel box office – www.minicine.bigcartel.com

Posted on Thursday 16th August 2012

Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills

Canal Road, Armley, Leeds, LS12 2QF

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