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Preview: Contemporary Arts Map

As a tribute to Yorkshire's thriving art scene, the Northern Art Prize has constructed a contemporary art map highlighting art-related points of interest throughout the county

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With the prestigious Northern Art Prize exhibition currently taking prime position within Leeds Art Gallery, it’s safe to say that Leeds has firmly established itself as a hub of artistic activity. This is perhaps a product of the fact that Yorkshire as a whole has been steadily building an enviable reputation within the art world over the last century, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Throughout the decades, a number of influential artists have emerged from our fruitful region, their success playing a defining role in Yorkshire’s cultural identity. Exemplary people include the legendary sculptor Henry Moore who is originally from Castleford, and Damien Hirst, reportedly Britain’s richest contemporary artist, who was raised and studied in Leeds.

As a tribute to Yorkshires’ thriving art scene, the Northern Art Prize has constructed a contemporary arts map highlighting art-related points of interest through out the county.

Organisers have created the map as a means of showcasing some of the contemporary art exhibitions taking place until 6th February. Further maps are being constructed to include events that didn’t make the first cut, reflecting the vast amount of cultural offerings the region is providing.

The map aims to show how easy it is to travel between destinations, making planning visits to exhibitions more accessible. Locations span the whole of Yorkshire and encompass a wide range of genres and mediums. From Project Space Leeds’ Latitude/Tropic which explores locations along the Tropic of Capricorn, to an exhibition in York documenting children’s book illustrations throughout the 19th and 20th century, there is something to suit every taste.

You can download the art map here

Posted on Wednesday 5th January 2011
Lauren Hughes

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Comments on Preview: Contemporary Arts Map

Comment by S Read

Posted on Thu 6th Jan 11 3:48 pm

A download or link to where we can get the map would be useful. Thank you LG

Comment by Simon Goldblum

Posted on Fri 7th Jan 11 9:23 am

Thank you - you’re correct we forgot to add the link. It’s at the end of the article now.

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