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Cold Summer releases 'Wake' EP

Preview: Cold Summer

Collectively, Cold Summer are a self proclaimed post hardcore band dynamically challenging perceptions and conventions of what a band playing heavy yet melodic (passionate but not pretentious) punk/hardcore influenced rock, should sound like. Following an introspective end to 2011 with a seemingly refined and revitalized collection of songs, the band released their debut EP ‘Transitions’ in Jan 2012 and began playing live shows almost immediately, the first of which was supporting End Of A Year (Deathwish records) & Aficionado (No Sleep records) at The Well, Leeds.

Not satisfied with letting the proposed cycle of ‘Transitions’ run it’s course, the band despite now regularly playing local shows, introspectively but optimistically returned to their practice space to write, focused and with the intention became very clear and prolifically they were going to put out another release sooner rather than later. The band found their muse with local and enthusiastic engineer/producer, Bob Cooper (Nai Harvest, Calls Landing) and during April 2012 booked a weeks recording session spread out over two different studios, Chairworks and Propeller based in Castleford, West Yorkshire. The result of this creative and productive session formed the bands new release, the five track EP, ‘Wake’.

Building on from the raw sound of ‘Transitions’ which highlighting the bands well defined contrast of loud/quiet dynamics, ‘Wake‘ uncovers the band in a more polished and pronounced light, reflecting the bands ‘huge’ live sound, hand in hand with new songs that show progression as well as volume. In preparation for the release the band have played several shows, a new launch night for The Well, Leeds (supporting Make Your Mark, Calls Landing and Nai Harvest) and a show at the Leopard, Doncaster alongside NOFX’s UK/Euro Tour support Margate on one of their headlining dates.

The band has had a brush with mainstream exposure in both the release of ‘Transitions’ and build up to the release of ‘Wake’ they have had several tracks featured on absolutepunk.net’s main page as part of their successful ‘free music friday’ campaign and are now back on the road with the release of ‘Wake’ imminent, supporting Lemuria (Bridge 9 Records) and Hearts & Souls at The Cockpit, Leeds on Saturday 4th August.


Posted on Thursday 19th July 2012

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