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Preview Burning Hank & The Roman Empire

Good time indie types Burning Hank launch their deubt album at The Packhorse on Thursday 6th May

Preview: Burning Hank & The Roman Empire

Like an indie band should be, Burning Hank are loose, intelligent and a whole lot of fun. Recalling such classic acts as The Modern Lovers and The Fugs along with newer indie stalwarts like Jeffrey Lewis and The Wave Pictures, Burning Hank play often semi-acoustic music that is both effortlessly charming and engaging. The ‘Twin Peaks’ referencing swoon of ‘Worried about Coop’ is a personal favourite but there really is a lot to love here. Tonight is their debut album launch night too, its called Seriously, It’s Getting Us Down Now, and it should be a treat.

Also on tonight are The Roman Empire. While their music is reminiscent of the gentle Americana of Iron & Wine, their lyrics often involve such varied topics as zombies, sweet potato pies, pillaging villages and finding love in mental institutions. The songs are intimate and entertaining live – I once saw them perform the ‘Ghostbusters’ theme and it was pretty special. Their latest record Return to Woody Creek, released late last year is probably their finest to date, while past work has garnered praise from all over including somewhat legendary Galaxie 500/Bongwater producer Kramer.

If you don’t leave the night feeling better about yourself and smiling like a happy fool maybe there’s something wrong with you.

6th May, £4

Posted on Thursday 22nd April 2010
Andy Brown

The Packhorse

208 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 9DX

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