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Preview 2.8 Hours Later

Cult zombie game comes to Leeds city centre on 22nd-24th September

Preview: 2.8 Hours Later

The hunt is on for daring volunteers to take part in a cult zombie chase game that is coming to Leeds on the 22nd-24th September. 2.8 Hours Later, a gore fest of zombie insanity, will take over the city centre for the weekend, turning mild-mannered residents in to manic, blood-thirsty monsters.

The game’s creators, SlingShot, are calling for crazed volunteers in preparation for their mammoth invasion. A selected few will be sent to zombie boot camp, where actors will teach them to play the living dead complete with moaning, groaning, lurking and chasing, in a convincing but safe fashion.

Played across an exhilarating, inner city backdrop, 2.8 Hours Later is a thrilling chase game in which multiple locations are transformed in to post-apocalyptic playgrounds, where a cast of survivors will then battle it out. In the dark, players must outwit and outrun each other whilst looking for clues that hint towards the whereabouts of the Resistance Headquarters; using their phones, players can even text for game updates and safety information.

2.8 Hours Later was devised in Bristol and premiered at igfest 3 last year. The game was an instant sell-out success, and a thousand tickets were sold for this year’s outing in May.

Thanks to the support of Art in Unusual Spaces, Leeds City Council and Leeds’ LSx Festival of Technology, this cult game is coming to West Yorkshire first in what is planned to be a UK-wide tour.

The founder of the LSx Festival of Technology, Imran Ali, says: "The notion of large scale urban gaming has always been something I’ve wanted to experiment with, so I knew we had to bring 2.8 Hours Later to Leeds.

"By hosting 2.8 Hours Later in September, we’re planning to subvert and ‘hack’ Leeds’ landmarks, residents, institutions, media and infrastructure so players can use an entire city to experience and tell some terrifying and fun stories!”

Simon Evans and Simon Johnson the game creators are excited to be bringing the game to Leeds. "We’re really excited to be able to tour 2.8 Hours Later, and it’s all down to the enthusiasm of the people of Leeds," they say. “We’ve had a terrific response whenever we’ve played this game as people just love zombies and they love being scared out of their wits. Being able to actively take part means players can get completely immersed in the action, which is a very different experience to just watching something on a screen.”

If you like the sound of 2.8 Hours Later, and enjoy being scared out of your skin, call 0117 930 4516 or email zombies@slingshoteffect.co.uk for more information. As well as zombie impersonators, recruiters also require marshalls and checkpoint managers.

22-24 September, £25 from http://2.8hourslater.com/


For a chance to win a free pair of tickets post a picture or video of you as a zombie on the wall at https://www.facebook.com/2.8HoursLater. Closing date 11/9/11 midnight

Posted on Thursday 1st September 2011
Nikki Barr

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