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News Vision For Leeds: To be the UK's best city by 2030

Despite climate of heavy cuts and huge challenges, council endorses ambitious new plan

Leeds City Council has endorsed an ambitious new plan entitled Vision for Leeds 2011 to 2030, which aims to ensure Leeds is the best city in the UK in 2030.

The plan sets out the city’s priorities for the next 20 years, focusing especially on overcoming issues caused by population increase, global warming and, of course, the recession.

After "listening carefully" to the views of local people, businesses and organisations, the council says it is looking to achieve this aim by making sure the city is open and welcoming, has a prosperous and sustainable economy, and has successful communities.

The council adds that the top priorities to emerge from the consultation are: reliable public transport; new job opportunities; culture and entertainment; community spirit, and safety.

Members of the council have acknowledged that the plans will be tough to implement, with Councillor Keith Wakefield, leader of Leeds City Council, saying: “This Vision is ambitious – but it needs to be – we have some big challenges ahead of us."

Tom Riordan, chief executive of Leeds City Council, added: “We are setting ourselves a massive challenge – to be the best city in the country.

"Not the richest or the biggest, but the best for all who live and work in Leeds – our children, our communities and our businesses. A place where everyone can enjoy a good quality of life.”

A long-term plan for Leeds was published back in 2004, but due to obvious global and local challenges the city’s long-term plans have been reassessed. And although it has become a wealthier city over recent years, Leeds still has a number of deprived areas where quality of life continues to be relatively poor. In these areas there are significant problems with educational performance, crime rates, unemployment and quality of housing.

As well as Vision for Leeds, the council will also publish the City Priority Plan, a more short-term assessment covering the next four years. It will focus on those urgent issues in the city that need to be addressed straight away.

Both Vision for Leeds and the City Priority Plan will be formally launched at a series of community events held between 19th and 21st September

Posted on Monday 18th July 2011
Alice Ford

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