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A new Leeds Studio is on the hunt for modeling talent

Instead of employing ridiculously extreme runway challenges, unrealistic over-the-top shoots and infuriatingly incessant catfights in a desperate bid to attract audiences, a modeling competition has emerged that finally has its priorities right. Specifically, Pixel 8 studio will be concentrating on one thing: the quest for true talent.

The Leeds-based studios are giving future Agyness Deyns the chance to win a comprehensive modeling portfolio in an exclusive competition.

Project 1: Model Mission is giving potential models, male or female, the chance to gain valuable experience in front of the lens as well as the chance to build up that all important portfolio.

The search will commence on 15th May with the preliminary screening when basic head shots and profile pictures will be taken of all applicants. Hopefuls will also be required to attend a short interview conducted by the screening panel.

Eight wannabe catwalk starlets will then battle for the chance to be Pixel8 Studio’s Official Model in an ‘America’s Next Top Model’-esque weekly face-off, starting on 29th May.

In true Tyra Banks style, each weekly round will consist of a photo shoot on a different mystery theme followed by a deliberation session by the judges. Every week one person will be eliminated until only the winner remains.

However, in a welcome departure from the hit US reality show format, the results of the contest will not be solely decided by the judges. Official photos and video footage from the shoots will be posted online and the public will be able to vote for their favourite model as well as watching how the exciting competition develops.

Competition starts on 15th May, for more information and how to apply visit www.wix.com/mmission/p1mm

Posted on Friday 7th May 2010
Rachel Naylor

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