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News No Power Hour Road Show in Leeds

Summer of Jubilee and Sport energises kids in Leeds to get out and about and engage in their community

News: No Power Hour Road Show in Leeds

In light of Leeds’ enthusiasm to get outdoors and to capture their sporting enthusiasm, npower’s No Power Hour Road Show will be making a stop off in Leeds. On Saturday 30th June, Robbie Savage and the npower’s No Power Hour Road Show will be at Leeds, Briggate between 11am and 3pm for a free family fun football day.

npower’s No Power Hour is a UK-wide football road show, hosted by former Premiership and Welsh national midfielder and Strictly Come Dancing contestant Robbie Savage, designed to encourage kids to spend more time outdoors with friends and family and save energy at the same time.

Robbie Savage comments; “If you can pry kids away from video games and television, there is a whole world of new things to discover and enjoy. When I was a young lad, I definitely spent more time outdoors than today’s kids. It’s how I learnt my footie skills and it was the only way to improve, as well as keep fit and healthy. It definitely kept me out of trouble and gave me the head start I needed to get into top flight football.”

As the title sponsor of The npower Football League, the energy company is treating kids in four major cities to yet another fab free summer event with a football-tastic display of themed activity zones, including a penalty shootout area, keepy-uppy contests and a dribbling zone to practice footie skills. The npower No Power Hour Road Shows aim to show how football can be just one of many activities kids can take part in if they just turn off their gadgets and technology for an hour each day.

Clare McDougall, npower’s head of education and community, says: “Our research shows that there is a real desire amongst children to spend time outdoors but they are constrained by being constantly switched on to video games, TV and the computer or have no one available to take them outside.

“This summer’s spectacular series of events is providing inspiration for young people to switch off technology and spend time with friends, family and neighbours, learn new sports and hobbies and get out and about within their communities.

“Our npower No Power Hour Road Show will visit four of the UK’s major cities to energise families and show just how much fun can be had outside, away from gadgets, using their own energy.”

No Power Hour Road Show will be at Leeds, Briggate between 11am and 3pm

Posted on Friday 29th June 2012

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