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News Leeds Owl Trail Launches New Map

25 different owl-spotting locations unveiled on the scheme's 1st Anniversary

News: Leeds Owl Trail Launches New Map

The official symbol of Leeds, as you may or may not know, is the noble owl. It features on the Leeds coat of arms, which originated in 1626 for the city’s first council representative Sir John Savile. You will have spotted different interpretations of the owl worked into the architecture of our city, but did you know just how many there actually are?

On 15th June members of the public are invited to the launch of a new Leeds Owl Trail map at Leeds Civic Trust, featuring 25 different spots you can visit and find a different owl, be they marble, glass, gold, stone or stitched.

The Leeds Owl Trail team have appeared on ITV’s Calendar News, and since their foundation a year ago they have delivered 33,000 maps around the city. They also introduced ‘Every Owl Matters’, an ever-growing education project to teach Leeds children about the meaning behind their work. ‘Future Owl Commissions’ is another great venture to come from them, as it means that many new owls will be created for future generations to appreciate.

Leeds Civic architect John Thorp MBE received an ‘Owl Award’ at Leeds Architecture Awards 2010; his work has included the creation of Millennium Square, which of course features the prominent golden owls. His new Pizza City Painting will also be unveiled at the launch event.

In the run-up to the launch, on Friday 11th June, the ‘Every Owl Matters’ project will be taking 70 children on an exciting adventure at Leeds Art Gallery and Leeds Museum. Contact director Antonia Stowe for details.

Our feathered friend is making a big name for himself in our city, and it is about time given the amount of local history he carries in his talons. ‘Owl’ you get involved??


Tuesday 15th June 2010, 7pm. www.leedsowltrail.com

Posted on Sunday 6th June 2010
Rebecca Ryder

Leeds Civic Trust

17-19 Wharf Street, Leeds, LS2 7EQ

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