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News Leeds Council Election Results 2011: Labour Takes Control

Labour gain seven seats, Tories down one, Lib Dems down by five

Local election 2011 round-up

Last week’s elections have seen Labour take overall control of Leeds City Council.

The party gained seven seats, moving up from 48 to 55, taking the following seats from the Liberal Democrats (who lost five seats, going down to 16 from 21): Burmantofts and Richmond Hill, Headingley, Moortown and Rothwell. Labour also gained the Morley South vote, taking the seat from the Morley Borough Independents. The seats for Roundhay and Temple Newsam also went to Labour, having previously been Conservative (who now have 21 seats, down from 22). The Conservatives enjoyed success in Horsforth, a seat they took from the Liberal Democrats in what was a closely fought poll.

The overall result means that the make-up of Leeds City Council is now:

Labour – 55 seats

Conservatives – 21 seats

Liberal Democrats – 16 seats

Morley Borough Independents – 5 seats

Green Party – 2 seats


Leeds says ‘no’ to the Alternative Vote

Meanwhile, the other big local politics news is that Leeds voted ‘no’ to AV in the national referendum of the voting system.

With 136,632 votes against making the change to AV, against 71,506 votes for AV, it meant that the city’s ‘no’ vote garnered 65.6% and the ‘yes’ vote came away with 34.4%.

The result meant that Leeds joined the 430 out of 440 areas that rejected the change to AV. The North East was most opposed to the AV, with 71.95% of people voting ‘no’. While no regions showed a majority ‘yes’ vote, the regions with the highest percentage of people for the change were London, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Posted on Monday 9th May 2011
Michael Ward

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