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News Gaucho Serves Up Charity Dinner

Leeds steak restaurant hosts St George's Crypt event

A Leeds restaurant is cooking up a festive four-course feast for 75 homeless clients and staff of St George’s Crypt this Christmas.

Stylish Argentinian restaurant Gaucho, on Park Row, will hold the cabaret themed lunch on 28th December.

Special guests at the ‘Cafe Crypt’ event include comedian Billy Bean and singer Hannah Green along with former England cricketers Ray Illingworth and Dickie Bird appearing as Santa. ITV’s Christine Talbot, Jo-Jo from Capital Radio and the Lord Mayor of Leeds are just some of the faces that will be hosting tables.

Neurosurgeon Jake Timothy is the brains behind the project, now in its second year. He said: "The Christmas lunch worked so well last year and is a token of acknowledgement to the clients and the staff at St George’s Crypt."

Martin Patterson, fundraising director at St George’s Crypt, commented: "We at St George’s Crypt are delighted that the success of Café Crypt last year has resulted in our committee not only repeating the event but in fact adding some important new ingredients to make it an even more memorable occasion for our clients."

The Café Crypt Committee is made up of local business people dedicated to finding and securing training opportunities for homeless people. The team have also worked hard to bring in gift donations for guests, including fruit and nuts from Brian Peacock of Stockton and handmade chocolates from luxury chocolatier Aochabae.

Committee member Christine Yorath from Flats in Leeds said: "We hope that a lovely hot meal in a proper restaurant at Christmas, when it’s very cold outside, will be a pleasurable treat for those whose lives don’t include many such occasions."

Gaucho has kindly donated all of the food and drink and all restaurant staff have agreed to work for free.

Mr Timothy added: "I am delighted that so many people have given their time over the festive period to ensure that the clients are not forgotten."

For more information about Café Crypt call 07887 733 880, or for information regarding St   George’s Crypt email Martin Patterson at martin.patterson@stgeorgescrypt.org.uk

Posted on Wednesday 14th December 2011
Louise Crowther

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