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News Free Parking in Leeds Centre on Late-Night Thursdays

Council extends provision of free spaces – details below

The Markets and Queens Hall car parks are offering 700 extra spaces between them to save late night shoppers some cash this December, Leeds City Council has announced. All on-street and most car park spaces are already free after 5.30 or 6pm, but this initiative from the council sees two extra car parks which normally charge fees offer free parking on Thursday evenings in the run-up to Christmas.

The council has stated that the initiative provides a helpful service in addition to approximately 3,000 spaces available around the city centre – either in council car parks or on the street – which also do not charge at this time.

Councillor Mark Dobson, the local authority’s executive member for environmental services, said: “This is a fantastic chance to get your Christmas shopping done while saving a bit of cash on parking. We want to do our bit to help people save at a time when they’re having to spend a lot and at the same time offer a boost to businesses by making it easier for people to shop with them.”
The full list of free parking availability on Thursday nights until Christmas is as follows:

Usually charge but now free: Markets (325 spaces); Queens Hall (390)

The others which are already free at that time: Hunslet Lane (38); Meadow Lane (45); International Pool (120); Maude Street (35); Quarry Hill (400); All on street (2400)

Posted on Monday 12th December 2011
Rebecca Ross

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Comments on News: Free Parking in Leeds Centre on Late-Night Thursdays

Comment by James John

Posted on Wed 12th Dec 12 12:51 pm

This is unclear - free parking on Thursdays from what time (it is already free everyday after 6pm anyway) and where do the general public know about this besides on the news here. Please Leeds City Council, make it clearer. Thanks

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