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Live Review Still Corners

Neil Chapman checks out the English Sub Pop signings whose recent album has received a good deal of praise.

Still Corners by Neil Chapman (c)

Still Corners arrive at the Brudenell Social Club with some strong recommendations. The debut album Creatures of an Hour received universally strong reviews. It made a prominent appearance in the Leeds Guide album of the year list and was named Album of the Year by Jumbo Records. So it was with great expectations that a hardy few souls braved the bitter cold and snow on a Monday night to see what all the fuss was about.

Support for the night came from Just Handshakes (We’re British) and My Sad Captains. Both come and go having received a warm reception from a small crowd.

Still Corners take to the Brudenell stage with little ceremony. Tessa Murray (vocals) takes her place at one of two keyboards and utters a quiet, “Hello Leeds, it is lovely to be at the Brudenell Social Club”.

They then slide into a smooth soundtrack which positively drips with cinematic influence.Organs and keyboards create a dream-like sound. Guitar is a spaghetti western-esque scratchiness that bears the hallmark of Ennio Morricone. The percussion is orchestral in its use too. Floating neatly over and throughout the sound is Murray’s haunting vocal. The soundtrack would perfectly suit a 60s beatnik spaghetti western set in Paris. It is quite mesmerising to listen to.

The live performance here is a faithful reproduction of the tracks from Creatures of an Hour. The highlights are ‘Cuckoo’, ‘I Wrote In Blood’ and ‘Submarine’, but there are no disappointments. The soundtrack is set to a constantly shifting film of abstract patterns projected onto a backdrop and the band members. This serves to make the gig visually stimulating and reinforces the soundtrack feel of the gig.

Still Corners came highly recommended and on the evidence of tonight it is worth checking out such recommendations. Now where is the rest of that Leeds Guide Album of the Year list?

Still Corners played the Brudenell Social Club on Monday 6th February 2012.

Posted on Wednesday 15th February 2012
Neil Chapman

Brudenell Social Club

33 Queens Road, Burley, Leeds, LS6 1NY

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