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Live Review Lightning Bolt / a.P.A.t.T. / Action Beat / Chops

A night of DIY noise at the Brudenell

Live Review: Lightning Bolt / a.P.A.t.T. / Action Beat / Chops

DIY music doesn’t really come much more high profile than a Lightning Bolt show and the Brudenell is duly rammed this evening. This is the third visit to Leeds by the super-influential Rhode Island duo in their illustrious 15 year history - last time they almost got the place shut down but five years and a soundproof door later it’s clear there’s no hard feelings. Indeed, the feverish excitement in the room seems to be manifesting on every mirrored surface as they begin to fog up with condensation even before the support acts have finished playing.

Local three-piece Chops waste no time in proving themselves more than worthy of such a sizeable crowd - like the headliners they construct their jazz-inflected sound out of frantic, syncopated rhythms and heavily processed vocals but augment the results with freewheeling saxophone and keyboard flourishes to create an entirely different kind of noise.

Action Beat use three separate drum-kits and a veritable arsenal of guitars to make a joyful, unpretentious racket - in truth it’s less the music and more the sheer youthful effervescence of this Bletchley troupe which engenders such a positive response from the audience but as a live spectacle it’s pretty much impossible not to enjoy.

a.P.A.t.T. are a less crowd-pleasing proposition - five uniformed oddballs from Liverpool engaging in perverse genre mash-ups as ridiculous as they are technically impressive, they’re definitely making a point but there’s no way in for the listener if you don’t get it.

Lightning Bolt have a penchant for launching into their performances with little or no preamble, but technical problems mean the crowd is fit to bust by the time they get cracking tonight, arrayed right around the band in a tightly packed circle. Beautiful melodies are twisted and distorted by ear-bleeding volume and the intense physicality of drummer and vocalist Brian Chippendale walks the same fine line between euphoria and all-out violence as his trailblazing music. It’s hypnotic, ever so slightly unnerving and utterly glorious.

13th December, Brudenell Social Club

Posted on Monday 21st December 2009
Greg Elliott

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