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Interview Louise King, Waterman's Place

This city liver is among the first residents at the impressive new Waterman's Place

Interview: Louise King, Waterman's Place

What do you do for a living?
I’m a newly qualified English teacher working in a school in south Leeds. I love my job - it’s exhausting and a lot of hard work but it’s worth everything.

As one of the first people living at Waterman’s Place, how are you finding it so far?
It’s great. In fact, I think there are only several other apartments already occupied on our floor, so it’s extremely quiet at the moment. In the two weeks we’ve been here I think we’ve only shared the lift twice. I’ve lived on the outskirts of Leeds for the past 13 years, so it’s a huge change. It’s strange being a five to ten minute walk from everything in the city centre. It’s even better after a night out - no more expensive taxi fees.

What made you choose Waterman’s Place over other areas?
I’d been looking to get onto the property ladder for quite a few months, but until I got my teaching contract it was nearly impossible, and I needed to be on one of the shared equity government schemes to afford it. I received an email about Waterman’s Place so went along to their open day - as soon as I saw the show apartment I loved it and was ready to get the buying process started. The quality of the apartment is just totally different to anything else I have seen in the city centre and the location is perfect, especially with the train station and the car park under the arches.

Did the buying process go smoothly?
It went as smoothly as I think it could have gone. There was a mountain of paperwork to sign due to money coming from three different parties, but there were no serious problems. It was just a lengthy process, as it is for all mortgages.

What are your favourite bars and restaurants in Leeds?
I love going to Call Lane: no fees to get in and short walks from bar to bar. I would have to say my favourite is probably Jake’s Bar. There are so many restaurants I still want to visit in Leeds, and I find it very hard to pick a favourite from the ones I’ve been to. My favourite type of food is Thai, so I’d probably have to say Chaophraya or Wagamama’s, depending on the occasion.

Are you a budding Nigella or more of a takeaway girl?
To be honest, I really don’t like getting takeaways. I have them once in a while but would much prefer to cook myself. Thankfully my boyfriend, who I’ve just moved in with, is a great cook and happily cooks for me every night, so I would say he is more the budding Nigella than me.

Where do you like to shop in Leeds?
It depends on my budget. At the moment it needs to be H&M - I’ve just spent so much on the apartment. But normally I love River Island, Zara, House of Fraser and Warehouse. I think it’s going to be quite hard to resist the shops now I’m only five minutes from them!

Where would you like to live in the world, if not Leeds?
Somewhere hot and exotic, like Thailand or the Caribbean. I’m not really a fan of cold weather and love the laidback lifestyle.

Ever seen a famous person in Leeds?
Not that I can think of. Apparently there are a couple of them in the building, but who knows.

If you could host your dream house party, what would be the key elements?
I love a barbecue, so that type of food would be perfect - burgers, kebabs, fish. I’d want everyone I’m close to there, but not too many people, otherwise you don’t get to talk to everyone, so family and close friends. I very rarely get to see all my family at once, so that would be really special to me. The decorations would have to be fab - I love dressing up the house. As for drinks, cocktails would be good. Everybody loves good cocktails.

Apartments at Waterman’s Place are available through King Sturge, 32 Park Place, LS1 2SP, 0113 205 333, 0113 243 4324, granary.wharf@kingsturge.com

Posted on Wednesday 16th December 2009

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