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Interview Alex Simmons, Bed

Alex Simmons is a Leeds lad who’s been on our city’s nightlife scene for years. His latest project is promoting new nightclub Bed on the site of the old Gatecrasher. We had a chat to find out more about it

Alex Simmons (centre)

How have you gotten to this point of setting up a club? What’s your background?

I’ve been a DJ, promoter and music producer for the past 12 years since the age of 17. I’m a Leeds local and I’ve loved being part of the vibrant nightlife scene in the city and when the chance came to help programme, design and promote a new 1,200 capacity premium venue I jumped at the chance. Working with a legend of the nightlife industry is a great way to learn and understand bigger picture development.


What is your aim for the venue?

Bed will be based on standards and we aim to excel in every department, from the service to the booths and beds, the music to the drinks on offer. We want every person to walk through the door to say “I had a wicked time, I’m deffo going back!” There’s no better promotion than word of mouth. Simply put, we want decent people who like to party in a credible and friendly environment; people who appreciate quality and enjoy good music.


What makes it different than the other clubs in Leeds?

We pride ourselves on service and standards while understanding that music and promotion are very important for the venue to remain credible while still being accessible. We re-invest and improve the venue at every opportunity and we keep the events fresh ensuring the customers enjoy the Bed experience.


Tell us about some of the drinks you’ll be serving; cocktails with waiter service is it?

A good cocktail service is a huge part of a Saturday night experience for so many people at the moment. We have a full cocktail menu on offer, waitress service to all VIP areas as well as booths and beds. All premium champagnes and spirits will be stocked and if you have any specific requests our retail manger will happily order magnums, three litre or even six litre bottles of spirits for parties or VIPs.


What’s inspired the look of the club and what excites you most about it?

The look and feeling the club is inspired by a clear vision of providing intimate and personal service in a premium club space, giving customers different areas and options that ensure that - in one venue, on one night - they can enjoy every aspect of what makes clubbing great.


Bed, New Briggate, LS1 6NU, 0113 245 2880, www.bed-club.co.uk

Posted on Tuesday 24th January 2012

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