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Gadget Reviews Fit Fur Life Treadmill

This month, Murphy Simmonds looks for the best way to walk a dog in the middle of the sea

Gadget Reviews: Fit Fur Life Treadmill

It’s a common problem. You own a dog, but you live on a small boat in the middle of a sea. Twice a day your beloved pet looks hopefully up a you with his or her loving eyes, only to be told: no, there are no walkies now; there will be no walkies later; in fact, there will never, ever be any walkies for all of the rest of time, because we live on a tiny boat, you and I, and that tiny boat is in the middle of the sea.

Dogs, being dogs, can only grasp the very first statement in that sequence, because the others involve complicated things like time and boats - and so, despite your regular protestations and attempts to explain, your best friend still gets excited about walkies twice a day, every day. And it breaks your damn heart.

Well sailor, we may have just saved your tears.

What do humans do when they want to go for a walk but cannot leave the house and/or boat? That’s right - they use a treadmill. But that couldn’t work for dogs, could it? How would they reach the buttons?

The answer to at least one of those questions (if you disregard grammar) is the Fit Fur Life Treadmill! It’s automated, it’s dog height, it has fence things at the side so the dog can’t get off… it’s everything a human treadmill is, except lower and with fences.

It still doesn’t solve the problem of how the dog pushes the buttons, but you can solve that problem by standing nearby and pushing the buttons yourself.

And the cost? Well, you can’t put a price on being able to walk your dog on a really small boat, but if you could, it would be £2,535. And it would be the best £2,535 you had ever spent.

Of course, a dog treadmill has a very serious side. Though it is now available to the everyday consumer, it began life as a veterinary aid, where it was - and still is - used to rehabilitate dogs which had been injured after, say, dropping some hot pans or falling off a skateboard, or indeed both at the same time, which is especially messy.

None of which is likely to be a problem on your boat. If only you had room for skateboarding! Chance would be a fine thing. It’s almost enough to make you regret selling all your possessions, quitting your job, abandoning all your friends and family and moving to the middle of the sea.

Why did you do that, incidentally?

Posted on Wednesday 14th September 2011

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