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Feature We're back in business!

And back for good

Feature: We're back in business!

Just when you thought we had gone from your computer screens we are back stronger and stuffed full of more up to date, cutting edge exclusives here at the Leeds Guide, Leeds’ most iconic publication.

We are back but with a difference. We want to keep up with you our loyal readers 24/7. That is why we are going completely online offering you the best reviews, events and arts that Leeds has to offer.

JobsinLeeds.co.uk the regions number one job board has re-launched the site to save our city’s favourite resource. Ignore all the hype and rumours, we are here to stay and we want you our readers to be!

We are back to providing you with up-to-date reviews, events, interviews, job opportunities and hidden gems all centred on our favourite city online. It is obvious that the Leeds Guide has a part in all of our hearts and we are going build on all the core strengths you the readers have loved throughout it’s 10 years of success to create a new generation of the Leeds Guide.

Not only will we be highlighting all the latest news, we will be letting you know about the most dynamic jobs and opportunities in the heart of our city on the net! This is the Leeds Guide making the most of the UKs favourite city.

Welcome to a new age of Leeds, a new era of the Leeds Guide.

We want to hear from you! Tell us what you think, tweet us. We are listening!

Posted on Wednesday 20th June 2012

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Comments on Feature: We're back in business!

Comment by Paul Rayment

Posted on Thu 21st Jun 12 12:22 am

That sounds awesome. I’m so glad that Leeds’ longest running lifestyle publication is now being run by a jobs board, a jobs board that doesn’t appear to have a proof reader on the payroll. /sarcasm

Comment by Not Impressed

Posted on Thu 21st Jun 12 10:14 am

I’m pretty sure those who worked at the original Leeds Guide knew how to use punctuation. No commas, apostrophes, or hyphens needed online?

Comment by Not What It Seems

Posted on Thu 21st Jun 12 11:36 am

This has nothing whatsoever to do with the old Leeds Guide - the former staff aren’t involved in any way and the people who have taken it over may have bought the name, logo and old site, but that’s as far as it goes. Apparently, the offices aren’t even based in Leeds anymore. From the looks of things, they could do with a crash-course in grammar and punctuation. Good luck and all that, but don’t pretend to be the old Leeds Guide, which certainly wasn’t perfect, but knew the difference between its and it’s.

Comment by Paul Rayment

Posted on Fri 22nd Jun 12 12:13 pm

Pop quiz….
In what bar is Bruce rumoured to have a chair?
What did Dom eat at OK Karaoke on a Leeds Guide Xmas party?
Who is Bill Graham?
Dan, Dom, Tom….what’s the connection?
Your out on the town, miles away from Baby Jupiter. Who suggests everyone should go to Baby Jupiter?

How did you do? Not very well? Well you’re not The Leeds Guide then.

Comment by Paul Rayment

Posted on Fri 22nd Jun 12 12:14 pm

And I know I should have typed “you’re” and not “your” but I can’t edit comments.

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