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Feature Pan-Asian Restaurant Awards 2010

We put the city's Asian eateries to the test

Feature: Pan-Asian Restaurant Awards 2010

Are you ever unsure where to spend your hard-earned cash on a meal out in our fine city? Help is at hand, as we’ve put five of Leeds’ Pan-Asian eateries to the test: East (in Pudsey), Thai Erawan (in Oakwood), Sukhothai (in Chapel Allerton), Thai Edge (city centre) and Chino Latino (city centre). We put our critical hats on and went for a three course meal at each venue, keeping a keen eye out to uncover the restaurants’ best features, as well as how they can make themselves even better for the discerning diners of this city. Read on to find out our current top tips for Pan-Asian eating in Leeds…

The Reviews

East Bar Lounge & Grill

Bill (three courses with drinks): £45

Expectations are high as we head to East Bar Lounge & Grill in Pudsey. You just have to glance at their entrance to see they have a great reputation, as banners publicise their impressive awards history. The restaurant is not just famed for its award-winning food, but for having the only rooftop bar outside of the city centre; Pudsey may not be synonymous with fine dining and rooftop bars, but East are certainly trying to change this. My partner and I are seated quickly in front of a pianist who serenades the diners at his grand piano. The décor is plush and modern and the atmosphere relaxed.

Our order is taken shortly after we sit down and we opt for Shammi Kebab (£3.25) – which turns out to be an interesting combination of minced, spiced chicken and omelette – and King Prawn Garlic (£6.95), which has the largest prawns I’ve ever seen and is beautifully presented. Despite their generous size, both starters are scoffed quickly, as we agree they were delicious with just the right amount of spice. For mains we opt for the rich Lamb Monty (£9.95) and even richer Chicken Tikka Machani (£9.95), both of which are so rich and generously portioned that we can’t finish them. Although the Machani may have been a tad too creamy for our taste, the Lamb Monty is delicious.

If we have to find fault, the only disappointment of the evening is the lack of choice when it comes to desserts. We share a slice of New York Cheesecake (£3.50), which again is very generous in size. The restaurant is easy to find, has lots of parking and is even a good option if you just fancy a cocktail in the sun on their rooftop bar.

7 Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey, Leeds, LS28 6BN. Tel: 0113 255 9191

Chino Latino

Bill: £98.50

Walking into this classy first-floor restaurant, you half expect Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson to be tucking into a plate of sushi in a secluded corner: it’s all clean edges, minimalist blacks and reds, low lighting; a small piece of Tokyo in the heart of Leeds. Yet it achieves a welcoming and unstuffy feel, thanks to the friendly waiting staff and relaxed atmosphere.

The presentation of the food is superb. Each of our dishes is laid out beautifully, the chef showing supreme confidence in the quality of the produce, with no unnecessary adornments. Starters of scallops with apple and mustard dressing (£10), and sweet potato dumplings with sesame seeds and green miso (£7), are super-fresh and perfectly trigger our appetites, as good appetisers should. A main course of fillet steak with three sauces (£23) is beautifully flavoursome, the truffle sauce in particular working a treat with the tender morsels of meat. A refreshingly imaginative vegetarian main of butternut squash with green tea noodles, cashew nuts and bok choi (£14) offers interesting, slightly smoky flavours. And desserts of pear tart (£5.50) and green tea crème brulée with coconut macaroons and ginger ice cream (£5.50) are excellent, the latter in particular is faultless.

Prices at Chino Latino are at the upper end, which leaves little room for error; diners’ expectations always increase in line with cost. Unfortunately on our visit, one or two food items on the menu and our choice of wines are not available – a pear tart takes the place of the plum tart listed on the menu; a Chenin Blanc is replaced with a white Rioja; sake takes the place of plum wine. Although the replacements are more than adequate, and our waitress is extremely helpful, you’re given the feeling that a restaurant we’ve previously found to be exceptional may currently be in a period of transition. And when you’re paying top dollar to really treat yourself, you want everything to be perfect. But Chino Latino has nevertheless delivered some highly impressive food.

Park Plaza, Boar Lane, Leeds, LS1 5NS. Tel:

Posted on Wednesday 21st July 2010

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Comments on Feature: Pan-Asian Restaurant Awards 2010

Comment by Matt Smith

Posted on Fri 23rd Jul 10 11:36 am

Very surprised Baan Thai in Morley wasn’t on the list. I personally think it is just as good if not better then Sukhothai.

Comment by Joanna Turner

Posted on Fri 23rd Jul 10 11:46 am

Also very surprised that Baan Thai (Morley) doesn’t get a mention. It’s a hidden gem! It’s not as flash as the City centre eateries but has all the charm of an authentic Thai restaurant.

Comment by Tony Singh

Posted on Sat 24th Jul 10 11:59 pm

I don’t think your food reviewers or lol critics have a clue!!! Baan Thai is very good and should have been included, Sukothai is very very good with great flavours and tatstes, Wasabi my ass - Thai Edges is nice, and Erawan is renowned to be awful, Chino Latino average and expensive. I note all veggie dishes too - what about us meat lovers…..

Comment by Guy Clayton

Posted on Sun 25th Jul 10 12:52 am

I tend to agree with Tony. Really what a farce…....with the exception that I really enjoy Chino Latino, a period of transition….what the hell…they are consistently good.Re Sukhothai,  is always hard to beat, and this is where I have been dining for 8 years. I lived in Thailand for 3 years and can definitely say that they are the closest thing to real authentic thai food in UK, with Thai prices too. Thai Edge is nice and is up there with the best but Erawan is a diabolical bland experience. Sukhothai really is hard to beat in my book and 1000’s of regular customers and many critics will attest to this, Baan Thai in Morley is also very good.and worth a visit. East is also very very good, but not really fair to compare them against oriental restaurants is it?

Comment by Simon Goldblum

Posted on Mon 26th Jul 10 9:23 am

Hello, just to clarify the way our Pan Asian awards work. The awards were open to Leeds restaurants serving Asian cuisine. We contacted a few restaurants that we considered some of the best in the area and asked them to take part, the ones we covered were the ones that accepted our invitation.
The restaurants were then judged by a surprise visit from a pair of judges. Unfortunately, the nature of this form of judging means that if a restaurant has a bad day, or serves a bad dish, they will come away with a poor report, as is the case with any restaurant review. Although our judge’s did their best to be fair, the views on each restaurant are just one person’s opinion from one visit, and not meant to be viewed as a definitive guide to which restaurants are the best/worst.

Comment by Ed Webb

Posted on Tue 27th Jul 10 5:39 am

I’ve not been to all the restaurants reviewed but I do think the adverse comments on Thai Erawan are unfair. The restaurant has new owners and menu from around April. Previously the service was very slow, now it’s excellent, and the quality of the ingredients has also improved.

Comment by Tom Clay

Posted on Thu 29th Jul 10 4:37 pm

commenting to the idiot ed webb the thai erawan was better now than b4 total rubbish i have been numerous times and the food now isnt that good me and my family went b4 weekly and the food was faultless sometimes a little slow when packed on sat but infrequent

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