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A heart-warming story about five friends plays on stage at the Leeds City Varieties

Feature: Girls Night

Five friends who met at school go on a Karaoke night out. Seems perfectly normal - only one of them is an angel and can’t be seen by the others. Sharon died aged 17 when she fell of a moped. She wasn’t ready to die and so stayed with her friends observing the ups and downs of their lives. Liza ‘has issues’ and a rich husband she’s too scared to love; Party girl Carol hides a broken heart underneath all that animal print; Anita may be bi-polar but she’s the happiest of the lot; and Kate, who has always been so boring, reveals a more passionate side.

‘Girls Night’ is a warm hearted look at the friendship of a group of forty-something women - warts and all! Girls Night returns with an all new UK cast featuring Eastenders’ Gillian Taylforth and her sister Kim Taylforth for 2012 following a sell out run Off-Broadway, so grab your girlfriends, your sisters and your work mates and prepare to laugh, cry and dance in the aisles like never before!

Girls Night will be performed at the Leeds City Varieties on the 25th to 30th June.

Posted on Thursday 31st May 2012

Leeds City Varieties Music Hall

Swan Street, Leeds, LS1 6LW

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