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Confessions of a DJ Marc Dennis, Glasshouse

We look ahead to the 13th birthday of house legend Glasshouse

Confessions of a DJ: Marc Dennis, Glasshouse

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DJ and promoter Marc Dennis will be taking to the decks at the Glasshouse 13th birthday, which you can celebrate at Mezz Club this fortnight. Here we find out the secrets to the night’s success.

What can we expect at the Glasshouse 13th birthday night?
Well what can I say… with the Trophy Twins, Justin Harris from the Freaks and local heroes Simon Frost and Phil White, the line-up is massive and we always have an amazing crowd in Mezz, so the atmosphere is guaranteed to be electric. Plus with all the usual messy ravers that keep Mezz rocking and the dancefloor packed till 9am, it’s going to be huge.

13 years is some achievement - what’s the secret?
I think the key has been consistency and the fact Glasshouse was always a bit different as the original after-hours venue. The night has always moved with the times. There are not many weekly nights anymore, but people always know they’re in for a quality night out with the Glasshouse brand. There have been a lot of nights that have tried to copy the Glasshouse formula but the Glasshouse brand has always won over the crowds with its unrivalled music and production - it’s always felt special and the people have always felt part of it.

Looking back over the years, what have been the Glasshouse highlights?
That’s a tough one, and I could talk all day about my many hazy memories. A few highlights have been DJs that have played, such as Dave Morales, Laidback Luke, Junior Jack and many more, and hosting the Cream terrace in Ibiza. I remember when I first played at Glasshouse at the very beginning when I was a young lad. It was at Digby’s, a small restaurant near Greek Street - I walked in and thought ‘what the fuck is going on here?’. There was a hot tub, people reading books in a library and I DJed through a serving hatch. It was so random, but it was fantastic. I also remember Karl and Kathryn, the Glasshouse owners, dressing me up as Zorro once to DJ. I actually drove home in the outfit and left my clothes in the club, also Tony Walker knocked off the whole power to the club while I was playing.

Has Mezz been an ideal venue for the night?
Yes. People were a little sceptical when Glasshouse made the move to Mezz but it proved an instant success and enabled the brand to be a bit more glam - like it was at the start. Mezz is a fantastic space and has recently had a £500k refit. It’s definitely the best-looking venue in Leeds for me, and Glasshouse keeps getting better every week. It’s a perfect match.

How good is the Leeds clubbing scene now compared to 13 years ago?
The scene in Leeds has changed a lot, musically and population-wise. Years ago every night was packed and there was a real feeling that Leeds was the clubbing capital of the UK; now with people watching their money and the music being so diverse, you have to work much harder. Glasshouse has always had real local brand loyalty and still has a good rep with the clubbing community so it’s never really taken a massive hit.

Have you got any other big events coming up in the run-up to Christmas?
We have the huge Speedqueen and Glasshouse event on 5th December and New Year’s Eve, plus we have Filthy Rich dropping in on 21st November. We’ll also be hosting the big Glasshouse Boxing Day event on 26th December. So there’s lots going off.

What do you get up to outside DJing and promoting?
I’m a bit of a jack of all trades, master of none! I also run and produce for my record label One Foot In The Groove and I remix for a number of other labels and artists, so that keeps me busy. I’ve just launched my new website at www.marcdennis.co.uk as I also do some TV and radio work.

What are your favourite places in Leeds?
Well club-wise I have to say Space and Mezz, not just because I run them, obviously. I also like to eat out - Las Iguanas and Little Tokyo are my choice picks for food. I best get a free meal for saying that!

14 November, Mezz Club, Assembly Street, LS2 7DE, 11pm-9am, £12

Posted on Tuesday 3rd November 2009

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