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Confessions of a DJ Angel Lee

We speak to Leeds DJ Angel Lee about new dance music night Chi Chi, held monthly at Oracle

Confessions of a DJ: Angel Lee

Chi Chi launched last month; how did the first night go?
It went really well, everyone who came down had a great time and K-Klass rocked it for us.

What does Chi Chi offer that other nights in Leeds don’t?
Well I think there are so many dirty electro and minimal techno nights going on, which is great, but it’s nice to have an alternative and listen to some of the old classic tunes. Chi Chi is more about hands in the air good times, where new music sits alongside a few classics to create a perfect start to the weekend.

Do you think Leeds has a good club scene?
Without a doubt the best club scene in the country, it’s the clubbing capital of the UK. There are so many good clubs and DJs, and every genre you could dream of.

There are some big names lined up to play Chi Chi. Which of these guys have you been looking forward to playing with the most?
The next one with Graeme Park is going to be good, he played at The Loft last year and the road was blocked outside! He has played every major club across the world and obviously his residency at The Hacienda is legendary. It’s going to be a busy night for me, as I will be playing at Tiger Tiger’s White Room first and then heading down to Oracle to play with Graeme Park, so I’m really excited!

Who would be your dream DJ to work with?
I like all kinds of music and all sorts of DJs, but I think playing amongst local Leeds DJs is always an honour.

Do you have any backup tunes that you know will refill the dancefloor if god forbid, it’s looking a bit sparse?!
I think that no matter how cool a night is, a random party track always gets the crowd going. This is an old one but Masters at Work’s ‘Work’ tends to get everyone dancing, no matter where I’m playing.

How big are your DJing ambitions?
I’ve been DJing from the age of 15, so finally being a full time DJ is a massive ambition that has been fulfilled. As well as Chi Chi and Candypants at Oracle, I play at Tiger Tiger every weekend which is great fun too.

If you weren’t a DJ what would you be doing instead?
Hmm that’s a hard one… I am currently starting a DJ workshop project in schools, so maybe I’d be a teacher.

Chi Chi with Graeme Park, 5th March Oracle Bar, 3 Brewery Place, LS10 1NE, 0113 246 9912, 10pm-late, £10.hCandy Pants is on the 2nd and last Saturday of the month, also at Oracle

Posted on Friday 19th February 2010

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