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Competition New Dawson's Store & Win a Free Keyboard

Joe Cox visits Leeds' newest musical instrument store, Dawson's and gives you the chance to win a keyboard worth over £300

Competition: New Dawson's Store & Win a Free Keyboard

A few years ago, if you were asked to name music instrument shops in Leeds you would have needed more than two hands to count them all. However, following numerous closures, Dawsons Music believes they have found a gap in the market for a general music shop in the city centre and have subsequently expanded their chain to Leeds.

Dawsons Music was established in 1899 and has over 120 years of experience in the musical instrument retail business in 11 stores including Manchester, Huddersfield, Liverpool, Reading, Stockport and Chester.

To celebrate the marking of the company’s first crossing of the Pennines into Yorkshire and the opening of the shop on Saturday 12th February, Dawsons launched over 300 special promotion offers on selected items to commence sales in the shop.

Staff member John informed us that they had sold out on their stock of ukuleles as a result!

Dawsons caters for a plethora of genres of music, stocking acoustic, bass and electric guitars, upright pianos and keyboards, amplifiers, effects pedals, PA and DJ equipment, folk instruments, orchestral instruments, sheet music and music technology. Top brands like Gibson, Epiphone, Fender, Ibanez, Marshall, VHT, Blackstar, Yamaha, Roland and Boss sit happily alongside great lower priced alternatives to suit any budget.

Of course, one lucky reader doesn’t need to worry about a budget, since we’ve teamed up with the nice folk at Dawson’s to give away a Yamaha NP-V80 Piaggero keyboard, worth £331!

With graded soft touch keyboard, just like that of a piano, but with hundreds of instrumental sounds and settings, the Yamaha NP-V80 Piaggero is a creative musician’s must.

For your chance to win, answer this question:

When was the first Dawson’s store established?

Closing date for entries is Monday 9th May.


Posted on Wednesday 13th April 2011


113 Vicar Lane, Leeds, LS1 6PJ

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Comments on Competition: New Dawson's Store & Win a Free Keyboard

Comment by Suzy Stead

Posted on Wed 13th Apr 11 4:29 pm

My son loves his music and would be thrilled to win this prize!

Comment by Simone Lee

Posted on Wed 13th Apr 11 6:02 pm

my lad ryan would love this to bits great prize

Comment by Lucy Knight

Posted on Thu 14th Apr 11 8:49 am

I haven’t got kids, I’d love this prize myself.

Comment by Gillian Patton

Posted on Thu 14th Apr 11 9:11 am

Our old piano is taking up too much room, so this prize would be fantastic!

Comment by Frank Mabb

Posted on Thu 14th Apr 11 9:50 am

My son is a budding Stevie Wonder and this prize would help him no end!

Comment by Gary Harvey

Posted on Thu 14th Apr 11 1:14 pm

My daughter would love this One an amazing gift to her this could be

Please pick **** M E E E E E ****

Comment by Chrissy Dillow

Posted on Thu 14th Apr 11 3:10 pm

great prize and great site!
hope its me!

Comment by Gloria Aberepikima

Posted on Thu 14th Apr 11 4:05 pm

Pick me please.

I’m just about to move house.  And winning this Sax, Drums & Rock & roll will help when we moved and eating packet and takeaway food less stressful. 

Comment by Tracy Nixon

Posted on Thu 14th Apr 11 4:55 pm

I am not working at the moment - am on long term sickness so I am wanting to teach myself how to play the keyboard.  It is something I have wanted to do since my childhood but never had time, with work and bringing up 4 little children.  Last one starting Reception in September so I’ll have all day to play xxx

Comment by Christine Burton

Posted on Thu 14th Apr 11 9:20 pm

my son would love this just lost his joband very down at the moment so this would be a great surprise for him

Comment by Hannah Bisson

Posted on Thu 14th Apr 11 9:50 pm

I’ve just had to return a keyboard that I was babysitting for a friend while he went to Australia.  There’s a sad, empty space in my lounge now and I’m getting withdrawal symptoms from not playing!  This would be perfect.

Comment by Andrew Ferris

Posted on Fri 15th Apr 11 12:05 am

Lets make some serious music with this folks.

Comment by Pamela Gossage

Posted on Fri 15th Apr 11 3:45 pm

Wpould just love this

Comment by Alexa Marshall

Posted on Fri 15th Apr 11 4:00 pm

me and the kids would love this…where do we put the answer though, there’s no answer box??

Comment by Simon Goldblum

Posted on Fri 15th Apr 11 4:11 pm

Oops sorry, a small technical difficulty. You should be able to enter now.

Comment by Lauren Gale

Posted on Tue 26th Apr 11 4:39 pm

Cant beleive it, need a change and on my way to work today i decided im going to learn to play keyboard… and then i came across this little gem! surely it was meant to be…

Comment by Darren Longthorne

Posted on Thu 28th Apr 11 7:45 am

here’s hoping

Comment by Julie Reilly

Posted on Tue 3rd May 11 11:34 pm

Fingers crossed that I can win this for my daughter. She has a love and passion for music. She plays her guitar 2 hours a night and would love to learn the keyboard!

Comment by Lilia Bowers

Posted on Sat 7th May 11 4:01 pm

Fantastic prize

Comment by Nicola Harrison

Posted on Sun 8th May 11 3:22 pm

great prize x my hubby would love it x

Comment by Michelle Evans

Posted on Sun 8th May 11 8:55 pm

Fantastic prize. Good luck everyone! M. xx

Comment by Pam Hutchinson Kelly

Posted on Mon 9th May 11 6:25 pm

would be a lovley birthday prezzie

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