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The latest graphic novels and comic books reviewed – this month OK Comics' Jared Myland looks forward to a very special event

Chicago graphic novelist Anders Nilsen is touring the world promoting his new book, Big Questions. He’ll be stopping off at OK Comics in Leeds on Monday 17th October.
Nilsen has made a name for himself creating thoughtful, gentle stories about wide open spaces, animals and nature – and Big Questions (£29.99 Drawn and Quarterly) is no different. Set in a small area of woodland, the story centres around the wildlife that lives there, mainly birds, but some mammals and reptiles too. When a plane crashes in the middle of their usually quiet habitat the birds begin to question their lives, purpose and mortality, often coming to various different conclusions.
Big Questions is a huge, almost 600-page book, exquisitely illustrated and perfectly paced. It’s the graphic novel equivalent of a Terrance Malick film or a Johnny Greenwood record. And most importantly, it makes you think about your life and poses some pretty large queries. Is god real? Is he watching? Is he bothered? What’s life all about?
While the questions are pretty big, Nilsen doesn’t provide definitive answers to any of them. His creature characters often bicker and argue over their different opinions, just like we humans do.
If you want to ask Anders Nilsen to answer any of these questions personally, you can. After stops at Gosh in London and Page 45 in Nottingham, he’ll be at OK Comics in Leeds performing a reading, exhibiting slides, signing his books and talking about stuff on Monday 17th October.
It’s a rare chance to meet the man behind one of the books of the year, a man who may just go on to become one of the legends of comics like Crumb, Ware or Clowes. It’s an event, and a book, not to be missed.

Posted on Wednesday 5th October 2011

OK Comics

19 Thorntons Arcade, Briggate, Leeds, LS1 6LQ

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