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Margins (Billingham)

CD Review: Paul Smith

More than a hint of Maximo Park in this record, but what would you expect from Paul Smith front man of the north eastern indie upstarts?

Margins – released on his own label, Billingham Records – is Paul Smith’s first foray into a solo career and tracks like ‘North Atlantic Drift’ and ‘Strange Friction’ borrow from the tried and tested indie formula which has given Maximo Park their success. This album is far from a quickly put together project and is in fact the result of several years of writing and producing.

Stand out track ‘Dare Not Dive’ hinges on being classic rock at times and a track already surfing the mainstream radio waves – ‘Our Lady of Lourdes’ is haunting and lined with an elegant sliding guitar, although this does overwhelm Smith’s vocal.

The record is packed full of clever little acoustic riffs coated in a think layer of reverb – which at times can be too much, but through all the echo and reverb, you can still hear whispers of Maximo.

Posted on Wednesday 13th October 2010
Stevie Kilgour

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