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Paul Thomas, co-founder of The Leeds Salon looks at the success of Leeds as a city for intellectual chatter

Michele Ledda and I started The Leeds Salon in February 2009. The idea essentially evolved from a small book group we attended, but instead of half a dozen people round a table in a pub, we wanted to create a public discussion group like the Salons we’d attended in Manchester and Huddersfield, and with the same format as the Battle of Ideas (an annual festival of debate held in London), in which experts in their field are invited to present their ideas clearly and succinctly to a lay audience, without diluting their content. Most of the time is…

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Interview The Leeds Savage Club - Amy Taylor and Greg Webster

We find out about a little Leeds hub of creativity

Amy: The name of our club, the ‘savages’, comes from a Victorian, literary concept of the ‘noble savage’. It claimed that the only way to be free, was to be a savage who had no connection to structured society. Only then could one achieve true inspiration.

Greg: At the Leeds Savage Club, our mission is to help those who are interested in writing and drawing to overcome their attitude of ‘I can’t do it’, and to actually enjoy exhibiting their creativity.

Amy: Our meetings force members to spend their time drawing and writing. We set them a task for the…

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Interview Goldie

We talk to the drum & bass maestro ahead of his revolutionary lecture at Project Space Leeds on 18th May

“I’ve still got an axe to grind right here and believe me, it’s sharp, it’s sharper than ever.” Despite his recent appearances on the BBC and close friendship with Prince Harry, Goldie is not going soft. But where a few years earlier we might have been talking about his run-ins with the law as a graffiti artist, or his experience aged three, of being put into care while his half brothers remained at home, today he tells me how annoyed he is that the mayor has asked him to become a cultural ambassador.

“I’m ready man, this morning I’m writing…

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