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We speak to James Brown – lead guitarist for the Leeds-based grungesters –… (Read more...)

News Local band en route to Leeds Festival with FTPE

A local train company has teamed up with Leeds Festival 2012 as an official travel sponsor, and are supporting a Yorkshire band who are on track to make their debut at the summer’s hottest music event.

To celebrate the launch of their combined train and bus tickets to the festival, First TransPennine Express (FTPE) invited upcoming Leeds band, Backyards, to provide acoustic entertainment to FTPE passengers on a recent train between Huddersfield and Leeds.

Performing songs off their EP ‘If You’re Scared’, Backyards have been shortlisted to take part in the Futuresound competition, which takes place throughout June and July…

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Live Review Arthur Rigby and the Baskervylles + Hunting Bears

Kamelia Kountcheva reviews two rising stars in the Leeds music scene.

On the cold Wednesday evening of February 8th, in the heart of Leeds, a little epicentre of excited heat radiated from the Nation of Shopkeepers bar. Fans gathered, eagerly waiting to see two of their rising local bands perform.

Hunting Bears, a five-piece folk band from Leeds, took to the stage first, warming up a steadily thickening crowd of edgy fringes, floral dresses and schoolboy jumpers. The folk feel was imminent with this band, as the violin rang and the ukulele jangled the first chords of ‘Heavy Tree’. Their beautiful harmonies were only enhanced by the infectious chemistry between the…

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Live Review Reel Big Fish

Cat Marr reviews the veteran pop-punkers who bring their party vibes back to Leeds one more time.

The ska pop-punk band Reel Big Fish once wrote a song called, "Don’t Start A Band" and after a sixteen plus year career, this isn’t their mantra.

If you haven’t heard or seen Reel Big Fish, imagine an American Madness, with a lead singer sporting a 50s style. Their music is ska-influenced and live they are extremely entertaining and the one simple word to sum them up is fun!

Without a song appearing in the charts recently, it was difficult to imagine how good they were going to be, they jumped on to stage and the first noticeable thing was…

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Live Review Still Corners

Neil Chapman checks out the English Sub Pop signings whose recent album has received a good deal of praise.

Still Corners arrive at the Brudenell Social Club with some strong recommendations. The debut album Creatures of an Hour received universally strong reviews. It made a prominent appearance in the Leeds Guide album of the year list and was named Album of the Year by Jumbo Records. So it was with great expectations that a hardy few souls braved the bitter cold and snow on a Monday night to see what all the fuss was about.

Support for the night came from Just Handshakes (We’re British) and My Sad Captains. Both come and go having received a warm reception from…

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Live Review Big Country

Scottish anthem-merchants take their new line-up out on the road.

The Scottish mountains backdrop that illuminates the O2 Academy stage leaves you in no doubt as to who is playing tonight. Big Country consists of the original members Bruce Watson (guitars), Tony Butler (bass) and Mark Brzezicki (drums). Since 2010 they have been joined by Watson’s son Jamie (guitar) and Mike Peters of The Alarm (vocals), who has taken over the vocal duties once filled by the much missed Stuart Adamson.

Big Country never quite reached the pinnacle of success other stadium rockers of the same era, such as U2 or The Waterboys, did. They still share many of the…

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Live Review Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

American alt-rock band that now appear to have weathered the early barrage of hype and return to Leeds with a knockout performance.

At first glance, CYHSY looks like a complicated set of letters thrust together chaotically and haphazardly. However, in reality, this American indie rock band is refreshingly simple: good tunes played to an audience of fans who can’t wait to listen to them.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah formed in 2004 and gained international success through a flurry of online exposure that was sealed with their self-released, self-titled debut album in 2005. A second album, Some Loud Thunder, followed in 2007 and then the rumour every devotee fears. The band was “taking a break” and the thousands of international followers that…

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