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  1. Preview Don’t Falter at Baby Jupiter

  2. Interview Alex Simmons, Bed

  3. Interview Jim Albertosa and Danny Savage, The Warehouse

  4. Preview Jive Cats at Milo

Rock'n'roll, surf freakout and more on Thursday nights on Call Lane (Read more...)

Pick'N'Mix Mikey Jarrell

Every month the top local DJs give us their top five tunes

"Without music, life would be a mistake". This was Nietzche’s views on the sonic delights that are ours in this world, and we might agree with them. Another man with a passionate love of music is Leeds DJ Mikey Jarrell, who kindly agreed to tell us his top five tunes, "…so I say thank you for the music, for…" – enough of that, let’s take a look.


‘Live Up’ - Rodney P (Tru Thoughts)

“Rodney P’s back! Combining an infectious and instantly recognisable reggae hook with conscious, topical and inspirational lyrics from himself and guests The People’s Army and…

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News Does Leeds need a gay quarter?

Martin Carter from GayLeeds.com looks at the future for Leeds' LGBT community

A recent campaign for an area in Leeds city centre to be officially named Leeds’ ‘Gay Quarter’ has sparked debate throughout the Leeds gay community, and beyond.

The campaign, led by GayLeeds.com editor Sarah Carmondy and local entrepreneur Terry George, aims to have the areas of Lower Briggate, Bridge End and The Calls named a Gay Quarter, following in the footsteps of Manchester and, more recently, Liverpool. The campaign has gained national coverage, and meetings with Leeds City Council have begun.

Lower Briggate and the surrounding area have long been known to house gay and gay friendly venues -

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Bar Review Massey's Booksellers City Bar, Leeds

We visit a new Leeds rock'n'roll cocktail bar with a bookish history

In 1924 John Massey opened a book shop in the centre of Leeds on Cookridge Street. Only four years later the venture failed and the shop went into liquidation, but the name was not to be lost forever. Today on the very site of the original shop sitsMassey’s Booksellers City Bar; a hip new cocktail bar whose name pays homage to the building’s literary roots. I took a trip down to Massey’s to see what it has to offer.

I strolled through the door, through the eccentrically and interestingly decorated room and up to the bar. I was quickly…

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Preview Carpe Diem

For a solid rock‘n’roll bar with a whole lot more, Carpe Diem is a good shout.

Nestled below street level in the bustling centre of town lies a bar that you might stroll past if you’re not actively looking for it; Carpe Diem is well worth a visit though, so keep your peepers peeled the next time you’re walking down Calverly Street and you’ve got a thirst that needs quenching.

Carpe Diem is a story of evolution as it was opened as a bar for the city’s office workers, but soon became a venue known primarily for the live music that it did, and still does, showcase. A melange of music can be heard in…

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Interview Darius Syrossian

We speak to the Leeds lad and internationally acclaimed DJ about his forthcoming residency at new house night Coloursound

Are you looking forward to your Coloursound residency at Warehouse?
Yes very much so. My gig schedule over the last couple of years has been crazy busy with most of my gigs being international ones, so I’ve not really played in Leeds except for the brilliant Teknicolor at Mint Club, which I love. But I’m looking forward to having something regular in my home town.

What’s the concept behind the new night?
Coloursound is a new night that is about to hit Leeds. It’s run by three promoters, one of which is Alex Jukes (who is…

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Feature Leeds Bar and Club Awards 2011

All the winners and gossip from Leeds' biggest celebration of bars and clubs

A glitzy Elland   Road function room is the venue for the Leeds Bar and Club Awards 2011 – the Oscars of the Leeds nightlife world – and the potential stars and aspiring winners are suited and booted accordingly.

The LED-starlit space is awash with dapper gents in their finest and glamorous gals – a few of whom in dresses of morally dubious length for a Sunday – but this is clubland, and the assembled promoters, DJs, venue owners and other attendees seem ready to tear it up, as many move swiftly from the complimentary reception cocktails to the amber-lit…

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Pick'N'Mix DJ Dillon Wolfe

The Sandinista resident gives us his top five picks for a great party set

‘The Clapping Song’ – Shirley Ellis

“There’s something about the ride cymbal right at the top of the song that grabs your attention. Great percussion and lyrics that you simply don’t hear nowadays – something about a monkey chewing tobacco, a row boat and a rubber dolly."


‘Jump In the Line’ – Harry Belafonte

“Another great dance floor filler. Most people remember it from Beetlejuice and Winona Ryder miming along.”


‘The Chain’ – Fleetwood Mac

“A real staff favourite this one. I play it quite deep into the set just to give everyone a breather. And it’s always…

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Pick'N'Mix Lubi

Every month the top local DJs give us their top five tunes

This month’s Pick ‘N’ Mix features five tracks from the jazzier side of Leeds, chosen by soul/funk/latin/worldbeat DJ legend Lubi Jovanovic, who regularly spins in Leeds haunts such as The Faversham, The Wardrobe, Sela, Azucar, and Chino Latino.

‘O Mi Shango’ (Joe Claussell mix) – Mongo Santamaria (Fania Records)
“Great broken beat/latin house remix of Cuban percussionist Mongo Santamaria’s afro-latin classic from one of New York’s finest deep house DJ/producers Joe Claussell. Pure summer sounds for car, crib or rave!”

‘Somehwere… Finally!’ – The Fantastics featuring Sulene Fleming (Freestyle Records)
“Big 60s summer…

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Preview Grim Up North, Stone Roses Bar

A night of indie with a Northern focus every Thursday

Grim up north is it? Well if that’s what you think you can…simply head down to The Stone Roses Bar to check out the new event of that name.

Grim Up North is an indie night held every Thursday at The Stone Roses Bar in the urban bustle of Lower Briggate, and it aims to illuminate the finer points of the music of northern England.

Thankfully this musical niche has legs, and hours of fine tunage can be sought from it. At Grim Up North you can hear everything from Wakey punksters and interesting fringe fans The Cribs, to…

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Interview Charlie Hudson, Revival

We find out about a new Leeds bar and nightclub which has taken the place of Flares on Boar Lane

Revival is a new Leeds venue and a new nightlife brand that has taken the place of Flares on Boar Lane. We speak to House Manager Charlie Hudson to find out more.

What can Leeds folk expect to find at Revival?
An amazing atmosphere; just wicked tunes from all decades. There are amazing drink offers, a private karaoke pod so you can become the star and all singing all dancing bar staff (literally). In summary, non-pretentious, belly laughing fun.

What kind of crowd are you aiming at?
Absolutely anyone who is looking for a good time -…

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