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Fashion - shops and designers in Leeds

Interview One Night Only Play It With Style

We talk tailoring, shopping in the VQ and modelling for Burberry with two fifths of Yorkshire band One Night Only, singer guitarist George Craig and drummer James Craig

You got your big fashion break through the band.

George: Designer and Burberry’s chief creative officer Christopher Bailey saw the video for ‘Just For Tonight’ and called me in. I tried on some suits and didn’t really know what was going on, but then I got a call to ask me to model for the brand. Talk about a big break. It opened so many doors and I’ve met some great people. Burberry’s a real part of my look and they’re so savvy when it comes to music, it’s brilliant to be part of it. The team at Burberry are…

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Feature Playful Leeds

Stevie J Kilgour looks at a scheme to make Leeds city centre more fun

Already a thriving hub for music, TV and sporting excellence within these fair isles, our wonderful city is again looking to lead the way in interactive art, creative play and inspiring the imagination of every man, woman and child in Leeds.

The Leeds-based community development consultancy Cultivate are looking to inspire minds and bring out the playful side of the city, through a new project called Playful Leeds. It works on the idea that childhood is not the only time in our life when we should take a moment to push our imagination, let out a burst of energy and…

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Shop Profile The Kooples' First Yorkshire Store

The Parisian brand moves into York's designer outlet. Suffice to say, we're excited

There is excitement in the fashion camp up here in the north of England following the opening of ultra-chic Parisian brand The Kooples’ first ever outlet store at Yorkshire’s McArthurGlen York Designer Outlet.

The Kooples is the place to go for oh-so-Parisian sharp, chic, vintage-inspired fashion for both men and women. It has only been going for four years, but brothers Alexander, Laurent and Raphael Elicha (sexy, eh?) have already opened 194 stores across Europe (with 27 in the UK alone) and they don’t show signs of slowing down as they make their debut in Yorkshire.

The Kooples says:…

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Shop Profile Ace Clothing, Duncan Street, Leeds

We met Sue Newal, owner of Ace Clothing, which opened back in 1977, making it one of Leeds' oldest independent fashion stores

Ace has come a long way from it’s origins as X Clothing on Call Lane (before it was the trendy end of town) to the shop they currently occupy on Duncan Street, which is rapidly becoming notorious for vintage inspired shops.

Ace isn’t just any independent clothes shop. Unlike many other shops of their kind they have stood the test of time and have been trading since 1977, making them one of the longest standing independent shops in Leeds. So what is the secret to owner Sue Newal’s success? "We’ve always stuck at it and we’ve always reinvested in…

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News VQ Named Great Place in Awards

The Leeds shopping destination beats off national competition at the Urbanism Awards

Following its recent success at the UK Property Awards, Leeds’ shopping development, Victoria Quarter, scooped another prestigious award on Friday 11th November, when it was voted 2012’s Great   Place by the Academy of Urbanism.

The Urbanism Awards were initiated in 2006 to develop a strong evidence base for high quality, innovative and sustainable urbanism. The Awards process seeks to identify and recognise the best, most enduring or most improved urban environments at various levels of scale and to understand better the processes by which they are nurtured, used and enjoyed.

The annual Call for Entries was launched in…

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Shop Profile Illamasqua Opens in the Victoria Quarter

The brand that counts Courtney Love, Beth Ditto and Lady Gaga amongst its fans opens in Leeds

Last month saw the opening of iconic British makeup brand Illamasqua in Leeds’ home of high fashion, the Victoria Quarter. The cosmetic company, which has its beginnings here in Leeds, has been hailed by British Vogue as a cult beauty brand – and we can see why; with its dark and glamorously dissolute image, Illamasqua oozes ethereal mystery and vampiric sex appeal.

Collections like ‘Art of Darkness’, the signature ‘Freak Fragrance’, and a dramatically decadent poster campaign combine to give Illamasqua that sexy, sinister Tim Burton-film feel. And if that’s not enough to set your spine tingling, Illamasqua have…

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Shop Profile Flagship Shadestation Opens

The VQ store relocates its collection of designer sunglasses, watches and jewellery

Shadestation, the UK’s largest independent sunglasses and watch retailer opened its flagship new store in the Victoria Quarterlast month. The 1,500 square feet store boasts a flagship Oakley store-in-store with its own Custom Programme kiosk, one of only two in the world, where customers can build their own unique shades with their choice of frame colour and finish, lens and tint.

The store, which used to have a smaller branch further up the arcade, also hosts more than 200 Rayban sunglasses and a collection of jewellery and watches from labels including Bibi, Danone, Coeur de Lion, Guess, Fossil, D&G…

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Shop Profile Michelsberg Tailoring

Leeds tailor to the stars, James Michelsberg opens VQ store with glittering party

Guests arrived from as far away as Amsterdam to be part of the launch of the bespoke tailor James Michelsberg‘s Victoria Quartershop last month.

“It was a fantastic evening”, says the Leeds tailor. “Not only was I surrounded by friends and family, but it was amazing to see the support from my fabulous loyal customers, fellow VQ tenants, and so many of my suppliers. All the top brass from John Fosters, Dugdales, Bateman Ogden, Taylor & Lodge, Scabal, Premier Worsteds, Dormeuil, Hainsworths and W.T.Johnson attended. When it comes to quality textiles, let’s face it, Yorkshire’s the best.”


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Shop Profile Wolford Flagship Opens

The luxury tights company chooses Leeds' Victoria Quarter for its first northern store

Luxury ready to wear and hosiery brand Wolfordlaunched its first store in the North of England in Leeds’ premier shopping destination Victoria Quarter last month.

The Wolford flagship store, opened on Thursday 14th July, is part of the company’s continued expansion in Europe, and features the full Wolford ranges: legwear, bodywear, lingerie and swimwear.

The boutique design is all white and light wood, brushed steel and glass, the ambience bright and inviting, exuding a clear message of purity and feminine elegance from the windows to the internal fixtures.

Maria Venegas, retail manager for Wolford, said, “We are proud…

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Feature Lily Allen

Ali Schofield talks to the one-time singer and her half sister, Sarah Owen about Leeds, vintage and why she didn't want her fans to watch her on telly

There’s one thing I’ll say about Lily Cooper nee Allen’s new fashion line: the Jitterbug prom dress certainly hides a bump well. I meet the singer turned designer and her sister, Sarah Owen at Harvey Nichols just days before her wedding and the big reveal that she’s some three months pregnant last month. The next day she would cancel her appearance at Birmingham Harvey Nics on doctor’s orders.

The ruffle skirted dress might hide a pregnancy well, Lily doesn’t. While her sister rushes around Personal Shopping, freshly polished fingernails aloft, in a dressing gown, Lily sits quietly discussing vitamins on…

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