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Feature Playful Leeds

Stevie J Kilgour looks at a scheme to make Leeds city centre more fun

Already a thriving hub for music, TV and sporting excellence within these fair isles, our wonderful city is again looking to lead the way in interactive art, creative play and inspiring the imagination of every man, woman and child in Leeds.

The Leeds-based community development consultancy Cultivate are looking to inspire minds and bring out the playful side of the city, through a new project called Playful Leeds. It works on the idea that childhood is not the only time in our life when we should take a moment to push our imagination, let out a burst of energy and…

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Feature LILAC

We find out about a pioneering project in Leeds creating a first of its kind low-impact, affordable and community-focused living space. And what's more, they're looking for people to join them

"LILAC is a community of 20 homes in Bramley, built out of super-sustainable materials like straw and timber, and we are structured in such a way that the homes will be affordable forever, which will help ensure that there’s a mixture of people living in the community, and whilst we have lots of shared facilities and share some of our lives together, we also all have our own flats and houses and can do our own thing as well."

This is how Alan Thornton, a founder member of LILAC, describes the exciting communal project he and some 20-odd other passionate…

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