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The Merrion Centre hosts LEAP trade fair

100 students, aged 14 – 17 years old from LEAP (Leeds Enterprise Advisory Programme) will battle it out in the Merrion Centre’s annual Christmas trade fair on Saturday 7th December, 9am – 5pm.
LEAP is a registered charity that encourages entrepreneurs. It enables young people to set up and run their own company for a year, under the guidance of a skilled business mentor. This year, students from seven different Yorkshire schools have registered 25 Companies to take part. All students involved in LEAP must raise their own share capital, choose, make or buy a product, write a business…

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Feature Playful Leeds

Stevie J Kilgour looks at a scheme to make Leeds city centre more fun

Already a thriving hub for music, TV and sporting excellence within these fair isles, our wonderful city is again looking to lead the way in interactive art, creative play and inspiring the imagination of every man, woman and child in Leeds.

The Leeds-based community development consultancy Cultivate are looking to inspire minds and bring out the playful side of the city, through a new project called Playful Leeds. It works on the idea that childhood is not the only time in our life when we should take a moment to push our imagination, let out a burst of energy and…

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News Searching for a Secret Millionaire

Channel 4's Secret Millionaire came to Leeds on 27th November and a donation was made to local chairty Simon on the Streets

It’s the eon of email at our fingertips, social media sites bringing breaking news, and very few things more than a Google away – but it seems we still underestimate the power of the internet. The charity Simon on the Streets has received a phenomenal donation of £35,000 after it was provided with search engine optimisation (SEO), making it possible for Secret Millionaire, Charles Allen, to get in touch with the organisation.

The Leeds-based homeless charity was provided with free SEO recommendations from Search Laboratory (http://www.searchlaboratory.com/), taking it from online obscurity to the top of search engine…

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Feature Howard Assembly Room Becomes a Leeds City Centre Wedding Venue

Opera North's performance space is Leeds' latest wedding venue and host of the LOVE weddings experience on 2nd October

Within our fair city lies a hidden gem, a subtle reminder of Leeds’ historic culture. The Howard Assembly Room at the Leeds Grand Theatre, programmed by Opera North, represents the perfect marriageof historical elegance and modern eclecticism. The transformed venue, which reopened two years ago, is well known as a performance space and theatrical rehearsal room but, unbeknown to many, is also Leeds’ most up and coming wedding venue.

Standing apart from other wedding locations in the area with its stunning Grade II* listed architecture, arched windows and high, barrel-vaulted ceiling, the Howard Assembly Room is one…

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Feature Angel's Share Vintage Fair

The Angel's Share introduces tipsy shopping to its Retro Sundays

There is nothing quite like the joy of shopping while a bit drunk. It has its pitfalls, sure; a lime green polyester jumpsuit from the 80s always looks better after a couple of margaritas. But then, so does donning a comedy sombrero and emulating a stereotypical Mexican hombre, but we all know where that gets us, and Jeremy Clarkson. And who wants to be like Jeremy Clarkson?

Still, bringing together cocktails and clothes is a rather nice idea and one that the people at Angel’s Share in Chapel Allerton have introduced to their popular Retro Sundays.

Every last Sunday afternoon,…

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Interview Jess Haigh

We find out about the Travelling Suitcase Library and Leeds Book Club

“The Travelling Suitcase Library is literally a suitcase full of books. It’s not a library as such, where you have a membership. If you want to give me your email address I’ll email you and let you know where I’m going to be, I have blogs that I update irregularly and it’s literally just a book swap.

“It’s a way of encouraging people to talk about the books they’re reading and talk about things. It’s also to encourage reading for pleasure as a hobby you can talk about in pubs and be proud of.

“It’s been going since last February.…

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Feature Simon on the Streets

Sophie Haydock spent a night sleeping rough on the streets of Leeds

A couple of weeks ago I spent a night on the streets of Leeds. I was one of around 50 people who took part in a sponsored sleep out in Leeds. The night was organised by Simon on the Streets, a Leeds charity who work with homeless people in the area.

As I bedded down for the night in a cardboard box behind Leeds Parish church in the city centre, my thoughts weren’t on the luxurious bed I’d left behind for the night, but on rats. I was worrying I’d wake up in the darkness with a rat…

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Aireheads A Depress-fest

Larry & Paul have the winter blues

Well, there’s no point clinging on to memories of the summer now is there? It’s well and truly fled. Two quite large indicators: it’s perpetually raining its arse off and everyone still has that cold they got a month ago when that beanpole of a man with a unibrow pretty much sneezed on their face and rubbed it in on the train to Burley Park. You know what we mean.

However, it’ll take more than bad weather to dampen the spirits of Larry & Paul, let us tell you, dear reader! By golly! Huzzah!

So you can imagine the soul-crushing,…

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Review Test Space Kitchen Leeds Beside the Sea

A strange foody feast came to Temple Works last fortnight

Candy floss, fish and chips and the sound of seagulls squarking – just another typical day at the seaside. But this scene wasn’t in Whitby or any other town by the sea; this was Leeds on a Saturday night.

Leeds Beside the Sea was a one-night-only full-on seaside spectacle in a former flax mill known as Temple Works. The night, on Saturday 16th October, was hosted by Test Space Kitchen, who served up quite an authentic seaside feast – all of it with a twist: fish and chips in a cardboard tray and wooden fork, but with a very delicious…

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Feature The Rejuice-inator

Pedal for a smoothie and be a vehicle for social change

Lately, there has been a huge emphasis on Healthy Living and an interest in what chemicals are added into our foods. The current generation of children are being born into a world where food is commonly mass produced with artificial additives. Recent studies have since shown side effects such as, hyperactivity, allergies and depression.

Rachael Taylor, the founder of The Rejuice-inator wanted to help counteract the growing issues of ‘Artificial Food’ by raising awareness. The Rejuice-inator is an eco-friendly, non-profit Leeds based project which aims to work with the community, educating children about healthy living and alternative technology. The project…

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