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Feature Playful Leeds

Stevie J Kilgour looks at a scheme to make Leeds city centre more fun

Already a thriving hub for music, TV and sporting excellence within these fair isles, our wonderful city is again looking to lead the way in interactive art, creative play and inspiring the imagination of every man, woman and child in Leeds.

The Leeds-based community development consultancy Cultivate are looking to inspire minds and bring out the playful side of the city, through a new project called Playful Leeds. It works on the idea that childhood is not the only time in our life when we should take a moment to push our imagination, let out a burst of energy and…

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News Searching for a Secret Millionaire

Channel 4's Secret Millionaire came to Leeds on 27th November and a donation was made to local chairty Simon on the Streets

It’s the eon of email at our fingertips, social media sites bringing breaking news, and very few things more than a Google away – but it seems we still underestimate the power of the internet. The charity Simon on the Streets has received a phenomenal donation of £35,000 after it was provided with search engine optimisation (SEO), making it possible for Secret Millionaire, Charles Allen, to get in touch with the organisation.

The Leeds-based homeless charity was provided with free SEO recommendations from Search Laboratory (http://www.searchlaboratory.com/), taking it from online obscurity to the top of search engine…

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Feature Getaway Special: Blow the Budget

The reviving experience at Rudding Park's new Follifoot Wing is worth every penny, writes Ali Schofield

We arrive at Rudding Park on a Friday evening, tired and hungry after a devil of a working week. We come away on the Saturday afternoon feeling satisfied and, in my case, looking about 10 years younger. It’s not something you would expect from a hotel stay, but Rudding Park has even won the accolade of Best Hotel in the UK before now, so youth-reviving as standard perhaps shouldn’t be such a surprise. As it is, I’d enjoyed a revolutionary treatment, the Pro-Lift Diamond Facial by Carita, in the hotel’s recently opened spa.

The French luxury skincare brand’s Pro-Lift treatment…

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Feature Howard Assembly Room Becomes a Leeds City Centre Wedding Venue

Opera North's performance space is Leeds' latest wedding venue and host of the LOVE weddings experience on 2nd October

Within our fair city lies a hidden gem, a subtle reminder of Leeds’ historic culture. The Howard Assembly Room at the Leeds Grand Theatre, programmed by Opera North, represents the perfect marriageof historical elegance and modern eclecticism. The transformed venue, which reopened two years ago, is well known as a performance space and theatrical rehearsal room but, unbeknown to many, is also Leeds’ most up and coming wedding venue.

Standing apart from other wedding locations in the area with its stunning Grade II* listed architecture, arched windows and high, barrel-vaulted ceiling, the Howard Assembly Room is one…

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Feature Summer Days Out

Make the most of our summer with some great family-friendly outdoor activities in and around Leeds

For many of us, the default option for a summer’s day is to head straight to the nearest beer garden and spend those fleeting moments of sunshine soaking up rays and alcohol. However, it’s worth remembering that Leeds and West Yorkshire are blessed with some stunning scenery and great outdoor activities. Want proof? Try any of these for size…



We’d happily take a trip out to the YSP if there was nothing there but the lakes, rolling hills, livestock and majestic unspoiled landscapes. As it is though, the Yorkshire…

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Review Red Bull's Flugtag

Homemade flying machines take to the air over the lake in Roundhay Park

15,000 people streamed into Roundhay Park on the 17th July as Red Bull’s annual UK Flugtag came to Leeds. For those not acquainted with the concept, a Flugtag is where competitors attempt to fly homemade ‘flying machines’ off a pier into water of some kind, in this case the lake in Roundhay park.

Predictably, it was raining one the day, but this didn’t dampen the crowds’ spirits as they cheered on the 34 teams from the opposite side of the lake. The crowd was even treated to a spectacular aerobatic display at half time by the Red Bull…

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Feature LILAC

We find out about a pioneering project in Leeds creating a first of its kind low-impact, affordable and community-focused living space. And what's more, they're looking for people to join them

"LILAC is a community of 20 homes in Bramley, built out of super-sustainable materials like straw and timber, and we are structured in such a way that the homes will be affordable forever, which will help ensure that there’s a mixture of people living in the community, and whilst we have lots of shared facilities and share some of our lives together, we also all have our own flats and houses and can do our own thing as well."

This is how Alan Thornton, a founder member of LILAC, describes the exciting communal project he and some 20-odd other passionate…

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Feature Big Lunch at Park Square

A celebration of community spirit came to Leeds city centre on 4th June

The Lord Mayor of Leeds, Councillor Reverend Alan Taylor, was among the many celebrating that good old community spirit in Park Square on Sunday. Over one hundred people, including the Lord Mayor, turned up to meet other locals in the nationwide Eden Project event The Big Lunch, hosted in central Leeds by city dweller Rob Wilson.

And what an event it was; an embarrassment of riches, expertly organised by Rob, and a great start to a summer of socialising events.

"The event was fantastic," said the Lord Mayor. "British spirit was back in force, and it was good to…

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Feature A Grrrand Day Out

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park brings tigers to our region this spring

We don’t need much persuading when it comes to gawping at funny looking animals and fawning over baby meerkats, and this summer presents two excuses. The first is, of course, the sun. You know the one, comes out a few days a year and makes people take their shirts off in the middle of Briggate. The second is the arrival of a tiger pen – or, to give it its grand title, Land of the Tigers – at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

The nearby park in Doncaster has a reputation for its ethical view of animal care; you won’t see…

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Feature Angel's Share Vintage Fair

The Angel's Share introduces tipsy shopping to its Retro Sundays

There is nothing quite like the joy of shopping while a bit drunk. It has its pitfalls, sure; a lime green polyester jumpsuit from the 80s always looks better after a couple of margaritas. But then, so does donning a comedy sombrero and emulating a stereotypical Mexican hombre, but we all know where that gets us, and Jeremy Clarkson. And who wants to be like Jeremy Clarkson?

Still, bringing together cocktails and clothes is a rather nice idea and one that the people at Angel’s Share in Chapel Allerton have introduced to their popular Retro Sundays.

Every last Sunday afternoon,…

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