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Book Review The Curious Gardener testtesttestteststar

by Anna Pavord

Bloomsbury, pb, £9.99, non-fiction

Book Review: The Curious Gardener

Over the course of a year, Independent gardening correspondent Anna Pavord has drawn together her thoughts and feelings on a variety of gardening matters into more than 70 articles, the result of which is this fine volume.

Whether predicting the future for green-fingered readers in January’s less-than-genuine horoscopes, or dispensing in-depth gardening advice and tips at the end of every month, there’s plenty here to enjoy. The illustrations are especially a standout portion of the book – woodcuts by Howard Phipps of gardens and plants of outstanding beauty.

Witty, warm and engaging, The Curious Gardener is a fine example of an author’s love for their subject matter shining through the pages, and is suitable for gardening enthusiasts of all ages and skills. It would make excellent winter-time reading, too; on those days too cold to get any work done outside.

Posted on Wednesday 12th October 2011
Vincent Krasauskas

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