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Book Review More Interesting Than Your Teacher testtestteststarstar

by Stuart Wright

Black Dog Publishing, pb, £9.99, non-fiction

Book Review: More Interesting Than Your Teacher

Enjoy classic classroom facts without harsh lighting, heavy textbooks or the mundane drone of a teacher.

Bursting with bite-sized chunks of information, this book is brimming with the answers to some of life’s most common musings.

The perfect present for fact finders everywhere, More Interesting Than Your Teacher will tell you the answers to questions you have poured and pondered over, as well as those you hadn’t thought to think about. What exactly is a calorie? What is the largest number? Why does chrome rust on your bike, but not in your bathroom? Did you know that only five percent of the world’s surface is habitable?

From bed bugs to body language, each turn of the page identifies and investigates a scientific, geographical, mathematical or historical subject and explains it clearly and innovatively. With colourful and quirky illustrations and detailed and descriptive explanations, Leeds born-author Stuart Wrightmakes each turn of the page a pleasure.

Posted on Wednesday 8th February 2012
Sarah Gate

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