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by John Lake

Armley Press, pb, £8.99, fiction

Book Review: Blowback

Single parents, Ukrainian gangsters, meddling teenagers and ineffective stoners come together in this uncomfortably realistic tour of Leeds’ drug-riddled underbelly.

Ex-heroin user Bea finds a bag of pills under her son’s bed. A Sri Lankan chemist is dropped off a roof. Drug-baron Dmitri is forced to spend Friday night with his diva wife and invisible children whilst simultaneously tracking down his missing DMT. Kidnappings, stake-outs, casual torture and trips to ‘The Royally’ ensue until the humour-laced climax and the statutory set-up for the final part of Lake’s Leeds 6 Trilogy.

Lake’s extremely over-written style is made up for by his varied and likeable characters who are familiar without straying into stereotypes. The use of real locations, and the interlacing of the different aspects of Leeds life, gives Blowback a multi-dimensional world that will satisfy, amuse and possibly terrify anyone who has lived there.

Posted on Wednesday 8th February 2012
Xanthi Barker

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