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Book Review A Year in the Life of Some Guy testteststarstarstar

by Oliver Ross

Red Arrow, pb, £8.99, fiction

Book Review: A Year in the Life of Some Guy

Estate agent Tim Calgon is in his 30s, still single, hates his job and is going through the motions living in a poky London flat – but over the next 12 months his life is about to change significantly.

After a spell living in New York, the Leeds-born bachelor is stuck in a rut along with his outspoken homosexual flatmate Garth, but not for long as A Year in the Life of Some Guy tracks a surreal 12 months for the cynical Yorkshireman.

From being disillusioned and unlucky in love, Tim’s luck starts to change when he is woken up by an attractive nurse in his local after nodding off following one too many pints.

Then comes a chance meeting with a former school friend which results in him being offered a lucrative job that seems too good to be true, although not until he’s been subjected to a bizarre interview process.

Leeds-based author Oliver Ross’ novel will have you laughing one minute, then cringing the next and it is not apparent what the outcome will be until the very last page.

Posted on Wednesday 8th February 2012
Peter Thompson

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Comments on Book Review: A Year in the Life of Some Guy

Comment by Joe Garner

Posted on Thu 9th Feb 12 5:07 pm


Comment by Joe Garner

Posted on Thu 9th Feb 12 5:08 pm

Not sure about the ‘2’ star review….I read it and absolutely LOVED it. Hilarious. Adrian Mole meets Bridget Jones meets The Inbetweeners. Classic.

It is very rude though, so don’t read if easily offended! Check it out at the link above!

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