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Ale to the Chief Summer Ales

Tasting beer for a living is a dirty job but Dean Pugh from Mr Foley’s Ale House is prepared to take one (or several) for the team

Ale to the Chief: Summer Ales

With the recent patches of sun and summer almost here, I’ve switched the focus of my drinking to more suitable beers. The Milds of May have given way to light coloured session beers with a fruity hop aroma, and with the quality of brewing in West Yorkshire being as high as ever I have been spoilt for choice as usual.

Roosters are always a good port of call when pale ales are required, and with the recent news that Leghorn had won a gold medal in the summer ale category at the recent World Beer Cup in Chicago it hit top of my ‘must drink soon’ mental log. At 4.3% it just about qualifies as a session ale in my eyes, and the blend of three different hops (Chinook, Crystal and Cascade) the tropical and citrus fruit flavours were there in abundance, with just the right balance of bitterness and a refreshing, satisfying flavour.

If a gold medal wasn’t enough, they also took silver in the same category with YPA (also 4.3%). In a competition where the winners list suggests more than a hint of American bias, the folks at Roosters have clearly got the Summer Ale style perfected with these two awards.

Posted on Wednesday 12th May 2010

Mr Foley's Ale House

The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 4ED

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