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Ale to the Chief Dark Star Brewery

Tasting beer for a living is a dirty job but Dean Pugh from Mr Foley’s Ale House is prepared to take one (or several) for the team

Ale to the Chief: Dark Star Brewery

Dark Star Brewery are one of a handful that seem to hold an ‘elite’ status within the beer community, alongside brewers such as Thornbridge and Marble, but their beers rarely make it north to Leeds.

They began life in the cellar of a pub in Brighton over 16 years ago, and through high demand for their predominantly hop-led beers have expanded several times, most recently opening a brand new purpose built site in early 2010. Well, here at Foley’s we have jumped on an opportunity to showcase eight of their beers during February, and these are some of my favourites.

Hophead (3.8%) is the biggest selling of their range, and one I have sampled many times on various beer related jaunts around the country. As its name suggests, it is packed with the ever-popular piney/citrus flavour of Cascade hops, but with a well balanced bitterness and sessionable abv is a beer that both refreshes and satisfies the palate.

Others I highly recommend are Espresso (4.2%), a dark specialty beer that deviates away from hop flavour and focuses more on the roasted malts, and for good measure uses a hefty load of freshly ground coffee beans in the brew to create a delicately smooth and immensely quaffable beer.

Back with the hops, more Cascade and some Centennial to be exact, and we have American Pale Ale (4.7%). This beer is packed full of aroma typical of American hops, and drinks with a crisp, clean flavour with a good level of bitterness and slightly dry finish.

The other beers we will have are Best Bitter, Over the Moon, Old Chestnut, Original and Festival.

Dean is the manager at Mr Foley’s Ale House. To keep up to date with these beers, and all of their range ,plus news and events follow them on Twitter @mrfoleys.

Posted on Wednesday 16th February 2011

Mr Foley's Ale House

The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 4ED

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