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Ale to the Chief Beer Festivals

Tasting beer for a living is a dirty job but Dean Pugh from Mr Foley’s Ale House is prepared to take one (or several) for the team

Ale to the Chief: Beer Festivals

This time of the year is very exciting - there is the Bradford Beer Festival, the Horsforth Beer Festival and the Leeds Beer, Perry and Cider Festival (18th-21st March). Beer festivals, when done well, are amazing things, and as cask ale grows in popularity new festivals are appearing all the time.

The recent Horsforth festival is a prime example: very well run and a great selection of beers. The first beer I went for was 99 Red Baboons by Blue Monkey Brewery, a very flavoursome, dark ruby ale, with a light hint of blackcurrants and berry’s left on the tongue. The beer of the evening, however, came from Brown Cow Brewery in Selby. Black Squirrel Hazelnut Porter, a dark, nutty porter at 5.1% which when held to the light gives off a reddish brown glow. It’s not too heavy yet highly drinkable for its strength.

Beer festivals are a wonderful thing, and if you’ve never been to one you should give it a go, and the Leeds Beer Festival provides the perfect starting point.

Mr Foley’s will be holding an Irish Beer Festival from 17th March and the Cask Ale Week ‘Yorkshire Ale Trail’ from 22nd March to 5th April

Posted on Wednesday 17th March 2010

Mr Foley's Ale House

The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 4ED

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