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A Bartender's Life Penny For Your Thoughts? Pound For Your Ignorance

An insight into the life of Mojo cocktail man Lee Jones

A Bartender's Life: Penny For Your Thoughts? Pound For Your Ignorance

When I first started going out I remember the path of the social event being fairly clear. Drinks at mates house (or park/car near mates house), pub then nightclub of some description. This was decided, generally because of the opening times of each venue, soooo the pub would close around 11 and then the club would be open till 3-4ish. Also, pubs would be free to get into, clubs would charge, fine.

Have you ever seriously thought about why you pay to get into somewhere. If you pay for something, you get something back, I’m pretty sure that’s the point right? And yet recently I find myself questioning the door charge.

I mean, your warm beer sucks, the place is a hole, you’ve been playing the same music on a loop for years and you close earlier than the average bar in Leeds.

What am I playing for? A slightly bigger dancefloor? Is that it? Wow, thank you! But unfortunately I dance like a blind dog on LCD, so that’s not the criteria I’m looking to fulfil. Are the drinks cheap then or something? Errr no, unless you want to drink our special offer 3% beer/dishwater for just £1.50!

Is this age talking? Am I already there? Oh Lee you grumpy old fool, you’re just not down with the kids anymore! I get parting with cash for a certain band/DJ, paying for talent is understandable and should be supported but the old ways of the club just seem so… well… old. Just make sure you actually get your money’s worth.

In the meantime, I’ll be in your local park sipping de-icer formula and shouting abuse at youths whilst dancing to Dire Straits. Come join the party!

Lee Jones is a bartender at Mojo, 18 Merrion Street, LS1 6PQ, 0113 244 6387, www.mojobar.co.uk

Posted on Wednesday 2nd March 2011


18 Merrion Street, Leeds, LS1 6PQ

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