The Psychedelic Furs are coming home and tickets are on sale now! The veteran post-punk band led by brothers Richard and Tim Butler, will tour the UK for the first time in five years by celebrating the many singles they’ve released throughout their career. They will be at the O2 Arena on 2nd September.

Entitled ‘The Singles Tour’, shows have already begun to sell out and tickets are on sale from

T Since 1980, the Furs have released seven studio albums and a string of singles that have had great success both here and abroad. From the early days of “Sister Europe” and “We Love You” and continuing on through such iconic hit songs as “Love My Way”, “Heaven”, “The Ghost In You”, “Heartbreak Beat” and “Pretty In Pink”, the Psychedelic Furs have certainly left an indelible impression on just about anyone who grew up with them.

“The Singles” tour will be a chance to revisit highlights from their storied career. Now, as they return home….you’ll be able to take that journey with them…again.

Supporting for the entire tour is the incredible Lene Lovich Band. Lovich is a legendary post-punk singer whose single ‘Lucky Number’ peaked at number 3 in the UK. As a result, she became an icon of the new wave music scene.

During a tour in May 2012 to celebrate German composer Kurt Weill, Lene Lovich joined forces with Subterraneans frontman Jude Rawlins to form the Lene Lovich Band, so she could perform her influential music once more.

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