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Club Nights Metropolis Feat. Joker

Fri 21st January 2011 (11pm-4am)

One of the biggest underground acts to come out of the Dubstep movement, Joker has been named the ‘hottest new producer’ by Pitchfork, and the young Bristol DJ is one of the best there is. That’s one thing that sets him apart from his peers, bringing his own production into his DJ Sets with a back catalogue stretching back to his output as a 15 year old. His sound is somewhere between Roll Deep’s productions, Low Deep, the Neptunes, and Super Mario Kart!

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  • Event Information

    Date/time: Fri 21st January 2011 (11pm-4am)

    Cost: £7 Advance / £8 Before Midnight

    Genre: Dance & Electronica

    The Faversham
    1-5 Springfield Mount, Leeds, LS2 9NG

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