I was rather at a loss as to what I would find when I went through the door of MEATliquor Trinity. As I descended the stairs I did so with trepidation as to what lay ahead – but it was love at first sight with what I found.

For MEATliquor has a wonderful American Retro feel. So much so that you could be sitting in a little downtown bar in Florida. Even the music was in character with a retro blues mix just at the right pitch – not loud and certainly not intrusive.

We sat in a booth and just soaked up the atmosphere. Even the menus made entertaining and  good reading.

The eatery has a very personal and intimate feel which is consolidated by the friendly and ultra helpful staff, for whom nothing is too much trouble. We decided to start with one of their Old Timers cocktails whilst we concentrated on making the difficult choice of what we were going to eat.

Being a lover of ginger, I decided to plump for the Donkey Crunch, and I can say without any reservations this was the best ginger cocktail I have ever tasted – and I’ve tasted a few world-wide I might add. If you love ginger you will adore this. It’s not overly hot with a vodka base and the cucumber and mint it’s served with give it an added twist.

My partner opted for the Spring-Heeled Jack a combination of Jack Daniel’s, Red Wine, Lillet Rouge and Campari, served on the rocks. A bit of a cocktail snob he was totally over the moon with this concoction and still talks about it today.

MEATliquor cook all their food fresh to order so you need to allow about 20 minutes or so before it arrives which allows you to savour the moment of this funky eatery and if like me you don’t want any item that the dish comes with then they will oblige.

I decided on the Blue Corn Tortilla Salad that was a ‘plated miracle’ to a salad lover like myself. It consisted of Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, Beetroot, Pickled Beetroot, Sunflower Seeds, Cucumber Petters, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Feta Cheese and Ranch Dressing. This was a meal in itself, in fact I kept dipping into it through my main course and even after my sweet. I just didn’t want it to go away.

Black Bean Chili Fries were my partners choice. The fries, again a large portion, came with black bean chili, onions, jalapenos and mustard and were very spicy. Both dishes were suitable for vegetarians and the later also a vegan choice.

For main course I chose the Cheeseburger, which was succulent and smooth and cooked exactly to my requirement – ultra well done As a side I ordered the Fried Pickles with a blue cheese dip. These were very more-ish but I found them a little salty.

Dead Hippie was my partner’s choice – a dish consisting of French mustard fried patties, dead hippie sauce, cheese, pickles and minced white onions. He decided to have his burger served ‘rabbit style’ without a bun. It came wrapped in lettuce leaves looking both healthy and at the same time temptingly delicious accompanied by a side order of giant onion rings wrapped in  a crispy and fluffy batter which I must admit to stealing more than my share!

The sweet menu is very limited but there are float, cream sodas and shakes that make a good and fun retro substitute to finish off with.

However we plumped for the sweets on the menu. My Filth Pie was really my heaven on a plate. Its textures were simply amazing with oreos, marshmallows in a chocolate and coconut warm pie with a mouth melting thin home-made crust it was served with ice cream and nearly had me licking the plate.

The Jagermeister Ripple Ice Cream came in a pre-made tub and certainly hit the spot for my partner, although it would have been more appealing served in one of their funky pieces of crockery instead of a carboard tub!.

MEATliquor, until I had actually experienced it, I must confess was not an eatery where I would have chosen to go to – but now you will hardly be able to keep me away for those kick off your shoes, funky dining nights out!

Open: Mon-Wed 12.00-23.00; Thurs 12.00-1.00; Sun 12.00-23.00

MEATliquor Bar and Restaurant Trinity, Bank Street, Behind Victoria’s Secrets.

Tel: 0113 8346 090.



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