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  1. Review Liz Coggins experiences the gastronomic joys of the restaurant in the sky.


  3. Review Sex N Docks N Rock N Roll – Red Ladder Theatre Company

  4. Review Cinderella

Liz takes a look at the Cinderella panto at the Alhambra (Read more...)

Review The Mousetrap

Sixty years and one day after The Mousetrap opened on 25 November 1952 at the Ambassadors Theatre in London, the public of West Yorkshire got the chance to see this classic Agatha Christie play at The Alhambra in Bradford

Originally first performed as a 30 minute radio drama entitled “Three Blind Mice” it was commissioned by the BBC after discussions with King George VI to celebrate the 80th birthday of his mother Queen Mary in May 1952. Agatha Christie then extended this to the two hour stage drama that has now been running continuously for the last sixty years.

Christie is synonymous with her two sleuths of Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot but neither of these appears in The Mousetrap, and not even their razor sharp minds, working in tandem, are likely to solve the mystery of why this…

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Review The Pitmen Painters

Liz takes a look at the Pitment Painters at the Alhambra

There are no big names in the cast, the set is simple and its title is as blunt and to the point as its characters – yet the Pitmen Painters is one of the finest plays I have seen for some time at The Alhambra.

Written by Lee Hall, author of Billy Elliott, The Pitmen Painters is both meaningful and extremely funny. It reflects through the medium of art, the political and social cultures of the early 30’s and 40’s.

The story is based on fact. It tells the story of a group of Ashington miners, who hire a professor…

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Review Save the Last Dance for Me

Sometimes no matter how much talent and creativity you put into a similar version of a highly successful show it never quite hits the same heights as its predecessor.

Save The Last Dance for Me, a new rock n roll musical ,set in the early 60’s based on heartbreak and young love from the writers of Dreamboats and Petticoats, but sadly it doesn’t have the same impact on its audience.

The story is told through the iconic music of Pumus and Shuman and follows the holiday romance of a 17 year old teenager from Luton on holiday with her sister…

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Review The Ladykillers

“That’s one of the best plays I’ve ever seen here”, remarked the lady behind me on the way out. And she wasn’t alone everyone leaving the theatre was full of praise for the production – for there is little doubt that The Ladykillers is an evening of superb top class theatre.

The Ladykillers is a story that deals with good and evil in a humorous way. The story is the result of a dream by American William Rose,who in 1955,was persuaded to turn it into a film, The result was the iconic Ealing comedy with Cecil Parker, Herbert Lom, Danny…

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Review High Society

From the first few moments of the show it was obvious what was going to happen. But it took nearly 3 hours of overly long dialogue, overdoses of reprises and the constant moving, sometimes just for the sake of it, of slotted door flats, to play out this story. Add to this too many sub-plots plus songs and duets that needed scissors taking to and you have the musical High Society.

High Society started life as a play on Broadway with the title ‘ The Philadelphia Story’ and was made into a film in 1939 with Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn…

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Review Rutherford and Son

Rutherford and Son has been hailed by the National Theatre as one of the top 100 plays of the twentieth century – and after seeing Northern Broadsides production at West Yorkshire Playhouse this week it is not hard to understand why.

When premiered in London in 1912 Githa Sowerby’s play drew comparisons with Ibsen. Githa had taken on the British male theatre establishment and won. She was a woman of determination and considerable courage to do this and the dark story of a ruthless father who sacrifices his children for his huge glassworks in the North was later discovered to…

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