A musical that tells it all


Sunny Afternoon is not just another musical looking at the vintage pop scene performed by a tribute band.

It tells the story of the Kinks, one of Britain’s greatest bands, their  rise to stardom in the 60’ and how they found their definitive sound that rocked the nation.

What sets this musical apart is that fact its told in a very personal way. We experience their turbulent journey in the quest of stardom. These boys from Muswell Hill have a dream but don’t realise how hard it is to achieve when they first set out in the business.

Young and naïve, the  group is exploited and ripped off by the music world’s managers and publishers.  The pressure of touring rips apart and scars their personal and family life beyond recognition. Fights on stage between band members and their infamous American tour prove that recording success does  not bring happiness.

Sunny Afternoon is a fast and furious show that travels at breakneck speed with a cast of actor/musicians who master tricky choreography, move set and props, double and treble roles effortlessly and with turbo-charged energy.

However the show at over 3 hours running time  is overly long and the second half  seems to lose its way and has very little substance and for those not around in the 70’s is rather confusing.

Crammed with Kinks hits such as ‘Sunny Afternoon’, ‘Waterloo Sunset’, ‘Lola’ and’ Dead End Street’  Sunny Afternoon delivers a great feel good factor to its audience and will have you dancing all the way to the car park.

Sunny Afternoon is at Bradford Alhambra until 4 March

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